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We've got mail

| May 30, 2006
Host Kai Ryssdal takes a look at the letters inbox.

Who Needs Sleep?

Lisa Napoli | May 30, 2006
Workers in Hollywood are complaining about work conditions. Not about pay. Not about benefits. About the fact that they work the weirdest hours. And now, someone's made a film about it. Lisa Napoli reports.

Forget manufacturing, we've got marketing

| May 30, 2006
Commentator David Frum argues the US doesn't need a strong manufacturing sector to remain the dominant player in the world economy.

Will a virtual fence work?

Scott Tong | May 30, 2006
With all the emphasis being put on a virtual fence to secure the US border with Mexico, Scott Tong looks at how past technological fixes have fared.

EU court strikes down US deal

Stephen Beard | May 30, 2006
A US law requires airlines traveling to our country to provide detailed passenger information. But today, the European Court of Justice ruled the anti-terrorism measure is illegal. From London, Stephen Beard explains.
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Too much foreign investment too fast

Amy Scott | May 30, 2006
Investors have been yanking money out of emerging markets, in large part because they put so much money in. A World Bank report today says last year, developing countries were swamped with a record $491 billion in investment. Amy Scott has the details.
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Bolivia nationalizing mines too?

Dan Grech | May 30, 2006
The South American nation is scheduled today to conclude an auction for foreign companies vying to mine its massive El Mutun iron ore deposits. But as Dan Grech reports, a state-owned venture between Bolivia and Venezuela could be the big winner.

Unusual immigration bedfellows

John Dimsdale | May 30, 2006
An unexpected coalition of groups from across the political spectrum is forming to push through the Senate's plan for immigration reform. John Dimsdale takes a look at the members.

In-flight wireless spectrum auction

Jane Lindholm | May 30, 2006
A likely winner has emerged in the Federal Trade Commission's auction of radio spectrum to be used for wireless communications on commercial flights. Jane Lindholm tells us who it is.
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Changes in collision insurance

Alex Cohen | May 30, 2006
With all the cars on the road Monday, there were bound to be more than a couple fender-benders. But as Alex Cohen reports, changes in repair options covered by insurance companies could catch some motorists by surprise.