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Sugar goes after Splenda

Janet Babin | Nov 3, 2006
The sugar industry is drawing a line in the sweet stuff when it comes to pseudo-sugar advertising. It wants the FTC to force Splenda to change its consumer message. Janet Babin reports.

Seafood off the menu?

Stephen Beard | Nov 3, 2006
The world's seafood supply could virtually disappear by the mid-century if current trends continue, says a study out today. Commercial fishing as we know it would be over. Stephen Beard reports.

The dawn of radio

Stacey Vanek Smith | Nov 3, 2006
This week in business history, Stacey Vanek-Smith recounts the day most Americans first heard radio, all the way back in 1920.

Wind power credits for sale

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Nov 3, 2006
Whole Foods Market is now selling wind energy cards for up to $15 at its check stands. Nancy Marshall-Genzer looks at what's in it for consumers.

Wages up, productivity flat

Jeff Tyler | Nov 2, 2006
The news today from the Labor Department grabbed Wall Street's attention. The numbers suggest companies may need to hire more employees and pay them more. What's it mean for the economy? Jeff Tyler reports.
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Air Force to defend cyberspace

John Dimsdale | Nov 2, 2006
The Air Force today announced the creation of a major command center. It's beefing up our military defenses — to keep the Internet safe from attack. John Dimsdale reports.
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Tom Cruise lands a new gig

Lisa Napoli | Nov 2, 2006
After being publicly dumped by Paramount Pictures, Tom Cruise is breathing life back into MGM's storied United Artists studio. Lisa Napoli has details on the deal that's got Hollywood buzzing.
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Immigration's ground zero

| Nov 2, 2006
Congress has brushed aside President Bush's guest worker program in favor of a 700-mile long fence with Mexico. But Arizona has its own immigration initiatives on the ballot. Claudine LoMonaco reports.
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NBA players overworked?

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 2, 2006
Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Diana Nyad about the beginning of the NBA season and whether top pro players should be called on to represent the U.S. at international competitions.
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Eminent domain's slippery, costly slope

| Nov 2, 2006
Measures in four Western states would force local governments to pay property owners if regulations — such as zoning — reduce their property value. Commentator Jamie Court argues that would actually hurt taxpayers and homeowners.
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