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Getting into the ring over cockfighting

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Feb 9, 2007
Amazon carries two cockfighting magazines on its site, so the Humane Society is suing the online retail giant. Amazon refuses to take them down as a matter of free speech.
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New hope in Palestine

| Feb 9, 2007
Rival Palestinian factions have signed a deal to form a national unity government after marathon talks aimed at ending deadly infighting — and the international boycott that's crippled its economy.
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Hedge fund regulation on the table

Stephen Beard | Feb 9, 2007
The G7 finance summit starts today and one item on the agenda is whether hedge funds should be regulated — or if that would just risk sending the global economy into a tailspin.
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The voting tax is history

Stacey Vanek Smith | Feb 9, 2007
This week in 1964, the 24th Amendment was ratified to outlaw poll taxation. Good thing, especially considering its origins. . .

Mortgage failures starting to mount

Alisa Roth | Feb 8, 2007
British banking giant HSBC is facing bad-debt charges of more than $10 billion — worse than analysts expected. The company blames U.S. mortgage holders who aren't making payments. As Alisa Roth reports, HSBC's not the only one in trouble.
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If you still want that Prius . . .

Sarah Gardner | Feb 8, 2007
The hybrid Prius is a bit of a harder sell today than it was last year, when inflated gas prices inspired greener-minded car buyers. Sarah Gardner reports on Toyota's push to increase sales.
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Greenhouse gas cuts hurt by loophole leak

| Feb 8, 2007
A report out today says billions of dollars are being wasted due to a loophole in the Kyoto Protocol's carbon trading scheme. Sam Eaton reports.
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Advertisers make super blunders

| Feb 8, 2007
A few Super Bowl TV ads are under fire. Critics say they went beyond just bad taste to being offensive — and even dangerous. Pat Loeb reports.
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U.S. takes new steps in North Korea talks

Kai Ryssdal and Scott Tong | Feb 8, 2007
As part of their six-party negotiations with North Korea, the U.S. may be considering easing some banking sanctions. Kai Ryssdal talks with Marketplace's Scott Tong from Shanghai about the ongoing talks.
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Shareholders to CEOs: Do not pass 'Go'

Amy Scott | Feb 8, 2007
Angered by exorbitant executive compensation packages, some shareholders are taking action. This proxy season, they're fighting back with voting power. Amy Scott reports.