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Faking the count

Jeff Tyler | Apr 27, 2006
One way the FCC monitors content on public airwaves is fielding complaints from listeners and viewers. But while many are genuine, a lot of complaints are actually generated by fake grassroots campaigns attempting to influence decision makers. Jeff Tyler reports.

Honey, they've shrunk the labor pool!

| Apr 27, 2006
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell talks to host Lisa Napoli about the implications of a new study that finds the U.S. labor pool is shrinking.
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Summer box office

| Apr 27, 2006
Daily Variety editor Michael Speier talks to host Mark Austin Thomas about Hollywood's hope for the summer box office.

Really big oil

Alisa Roth | Apr 27, 2006
ExxonMobil releases its quarterly earnings today, and Alisa Roth reports that the information isn't likely to quell increased calls for a windfall profits tax on oil companies.
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Softwood dispute

Steve McNally | Apr 27, 2006
The US and Canada are close to settling a years-old dispute over the importation of cheap Canadian lumber into the US. Steve McNalley has the details.
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Fossil fuel revolt?

Sam Eaton | Apr 27, 2006
Ford Motor Company is encouraging drivers to offset their greenhouse gas emissions by investing in alternative fuel development. But is Ford biting the hand that feeds it? Sam Eaton reports.

Worker fatalities

Hilary Wicai | Apr 27, 2006
Deaths in the workplace have reached a 10-year high. Hillary Wicai looks at what's behind the increase.

Romance with a familiar ring

Rachel Dornhelm | Apr 27, 2006
The publishers of Harlequin romance novels have teamed with a creator of cell phone applications to offer mobile phone features aimed at women. Rachel Dornhelm has the 411.

Venezuela wants more control

| Apr 27, 2006
The government of Hugo Chavez is looking to take over majority control of all foreign oil companies in Venezuela. Jens Erik Gould reports.

Military payroll problems

Scott Tong | Apr 27, 2006
A government investigation for release today reveals a host of payroll problems in the US military. Wounded service members are being overpaid, then receiving debt collection notices months later. Scott Tong reports.