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U.S., China work on their co-dependence

Kai Ryssdal | May 22, 2007
As Treasury Secy. Henry Paulson met with his China counterpart, more reports of unsafe Chinese products surfaced today. Kai Ryssdal talks with China expert Ted Fishman about the U.S.-China relationship.
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Plowing familiar ground

John Dimsdale | May 22, 2007
The House is digging into renewal of a <nobr>$98 billion</nobr> farm bill that includes funding for everything from food stamps to sugar tariffs. Early attention is going to farm subsidies. John Dimsdale reports.
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P&G concentrates on shrinking bottles

| May 22, 2007
Procter &amp; Gamble says it's doubling the strength of its detergents so it can reduce packaging and water use. But Pat Loeb reports that success will depend on whether consumers can change their behavior.
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Russia tightening control on natural gas

Stephen Beard | May 22, 2007
British oil giant BP has been told by the Russian government that it might lose its rights to a major natural gas field in Siberia any day now. Stephen Beard reports.
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Are we paying too much for prescriptions?

Helen Palmer | May 22, 2007
Americans pay the most in the world for prescription medications. Are we getting our money's worth? Helen Palmer reports.
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Falwell was a pioneer at selling God

| May 22, 2007
Funeral services for Jerry Falwell were held in Lynchburg, Va., today. Commentator Adrian Wooldridge says there was a side to Falwell that deserves some attention &mdash; that of religious entrepreneur.
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China takes step toward worker rights

Scott Tong | May 22, 2007
We all know companies operating in China benefit from low-cost labor. But from the perspective of Chinese workers, things are looking up. New labor protections are on the way. Scott Tong reports.
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Click-to-win marketing

Sean Cole | May 22, 2007
Big sweepstakes prizes aren't just for the big kids anymore. One company is making it cost-effective for small and mid-sized businesses to offer prizes potential customers might give up their personal information to win. Sean Cole has the contest details.
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A tour of China's economic bubble

Scott Tong | May 22, 2007
China's red-hot economy has become cause for political consternation here in the U.S., but it's also pumping up fears of a bubble bursting at home and leaders there are feeling some pressure. Scott Tong walks us through it.
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China, U.S. hash out trade disputes

| May 22, 2007
Beijing has sent its biggest-ever trade delegation to Washington for a summit on the trade deficit, debt, tarriffs and money policy. But don't get your hopes up for sweeping changes. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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