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Flying close to the margins

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 20, 2007
JetBlue is trying to bounce back from what its CEO David Neeleman called a mortifying series of events over the past week. The Wall Street Journal's Scott McCartney tells Kai Ryssdal that other airlines risk a similar fate.
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Private equity looks to give addicts the treatment

| Feb 20, 2007
Drug and alcohol rehab centers are seeing more business lately. And not just from celebs but from everyday folks, too. Private equity groups have noticed. Monica Brady-Myerov reports.
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Nola does business on a smaller scale

John Dimsdale | Feb 20, 2007
Small businesses in New Orleans have had to learn to adapt to a city that's still less than half of its pre-Katrina size. But at least one mom-and-pop store is thriving.

Iran nuclear problem may solve itself

| Feb 20, 2007
While the international community frets over Iran's nuclear program, says commentator Reza Aslan, Iran's citizens are so outraged over their President's domestic policies that they may be the ones to force a regime change.
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Putting a little green into those JetBlues

Alisa Roth | Feb 20, 2007
Following the past week's service meltdown, JetBlue this morning unveiled a passenger bill of rights that details how much it will compensate customers when flights are canceled or delayed.
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Forecast: Greed to blow in world market slump

Stephen Beard | Feb 20, 2007
A European investment bank says its Fear/Greed Index has hit an all-time high. If history's any indication, investors should look to stop riding the bull market soon — but they won't.
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The dish on the satellite deal

Stacey Vanek Smith | Feb 20, 2007
Sirius and XM have agreed to merge their satellite radio services. With their combined 14 million or so paying customers, the new duo would completely dominate the budding industry. And that's where the FCC steps in.
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AIDS trials hold hope for vaccine

Helen Palmer | Feb 20, 2007
Nine AIDS vaccines are in clinical trials around the world. The most advanced is taking place in the Dominican Republic where Merck researchers have enlisted prostitutes as their subjects.
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Job cuts waiting in the wings

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Feb 20, 2007
European plane maker Airbus was scheduled today to announce a major restructuring plan that involves slashing some 10,000 jobs, but the countries involved can't agree on which jobs to cut.
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How doctors would spend health care dollars

Janet Babin | Feb 20, 2007
Researchers asked hundreds of doctors and nurses to rate how they'd spend public money for health care. Turns out, not all that differently than regular folks — except when it comes to life-saving interventions.
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