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Olympic factories accused of labor violations

Scott Tong | Jun 11, 2007
A watchdog group says four factories making official gear for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing overwork their employees and use child labor. Sponsors already have contingency plans for bad news.
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Smoke-free 'coffee shops' in Amsterdam?

Rico Gagliano | Jun 11, 2007
Next year's smoking ban on all Dutch restaurants and bars will have a unique effect on shops that specialize in selling marijuana and hashish. At least, that's what correspondent Rico Gagliano seems to remember...
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Testosterone gel targets 'male menopause'

Stephen Beard | Jun 11, 2007
Like women, middle-aged men can often experience the side-effects of decreasing levels of hormones. A Scottish company hopes for a U.S. license for a gel that could change all that. Stephen Beard reports.
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Making Clear the Cost of Credit

Chris Farrell | Jun 10, 2007
The New York Times has a compelling story on the surge in private student loans. The private student loan market is disturbing. Students are taking...

More Evidence Why the Big Three are in Trouble

Chris Farrell | Jun 10, 2007
Remember the employee discount pricing come-on of the Big Three? Well, here's more evidence why the Big Three auto companies are in trouble....

Steve Jobs graduation address

Chris Farrell | Jun 8, 2007
It's graduation season. This Stanford University graduation address by Steve Jobs is one of the best I've ever read. He delivered it in 2005, but...

Insurance and your credit score

| Jun 8, 2007
The Supreme Court issued a ruling this week that would determine how insurance companies can use credit scores. Tess Vigeland interprets the legal speak with Bob Hunter from the Consumer Federation of America.

Not your average index fund

| Jun 8, 2007
Here's a way to help offset some of the fees that go along with index investing: get an enhanced index fund. Tess Vigeland talks to reporter Rob Hennessey.
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Day in the Work Life: Urban farmer

| Jun 8, 2007
Who says you can't have a farm in the middle of the city? Jules Dervaes of Pasadena, Calif. started one in his own backyard.
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Mailbag for Friday, June 8, 2007

| Jun 8, 2007
Chris Farrell answers listener mail on the impact of a lower-paying job later in life on your Social Security payments, Target Date Mutual Funds and companies retrieving your long-lost assets for a fee.