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Looking good there, Roth

| May 11, 2007
The Treasury Department is making a new retirement option fairly attractive. Tess Vigeland discusses the benefits of a Roth 401K with MSN Money's Liz Pulliam Weston.

Mailbag for Friday, May 11, 2007

| May 11, 2007
Economics editor Chris Farrell gives us his advice on buying a foreclosed home and managing different retirement accounts.

Why a woman should work

| May 11, 2007
Being a stay-at-home mom could be a precarious move, according to Leslie Bennetts, author of "The Feminine Mistake." She talks to Tess Vigeland about why.

Cell phones get more personal

| May 11, 2007
First ringtones and screensavers, now . . . branding? Jill Barshay gives us the story of a company letting customers design their own phone.

Charley Munger

Chris Farrell | May 11, 2007
Charlie Munger is Warren Buffet's long-time investment partner at Berkshire Hathway. He's less well-known than Buffet. But he too is a genius at...

Ahhhh, science finds a cure for stilettos

| May 11, 2007
Pull those 4-inch heels out of the back of your closet. A New Hampshire company has developed an insole that claims to make high heels comfortable. Achieving this feat wasn't easy. In fact, it took a rocket scientist to figure it out. Pat Loeb has the story.
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Culture shock for new refugees

Gretchen Wilson | May 11, 2007
Tens of thousands of Somalians have fled their warring nation for the safety of Kenyan refugee camps, but the influx has strained resources at the camps and they're finding that life isn't easy there either. Gretchen Wilson brings us their story.
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Energy costs empty wallets

Steve Henn | May 11, 2007
It looks more and more like inflation is going to come under control. But with gas prices flirting with record highs, consumers can't catch a break. It seems most of our spending money is going into the tank. Steve Henn has more details.
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More oil. . . or else!

Amy Scott | May 11, 2007
The International Energy Agency warned today that if OPEC doesn't increase production, tightening oil reserves will cause prices to skyrocket. And they'll only get higher if consumers don't conserve at the pump, Amy Scott reports.

Europe has a cocaine problem

Scott Jagow | May 11, 2007
Even the shipping routes of illicit drug trade follow market tides. The euro's strength has lured Latin American cocaine traffickers away from the U.S. for higher returns on the streets of Europe. And that's positioned Africa as a new drug shipping hub.
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