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How the Journal could change

| Jun 27, 2007
Media magnate Rupert Murdoch isn't likely to sweeten his $5 billion bid to the Bancroft family. Staci Kramer of says the Wall Street Journal newspaper was headed for big changes anyway.
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More bad signs in the housing market

Scott Jagow | Jun 26, 2007
The nation's second-largest homebuilder, Lennar Corp., said it lost money for the second-straight quarter. It also expects the housing market to get worse. Economist Christopher Mayer tends to agree.
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Drought costs are just getting started

Sam Eaton | Jun 26, 2007
Damage from the Lake Tahoe fire is only a fraction of the growing financial toll of a drought that's gripping much of the nation. And the cost has nowhere to go but up. Sam Eaton reports.

Dems seek to withhold Cheney funding

John Dimsdale | Jun 26, 2007
The House takes up an appropriations bill tomorrow that includes $4.75 million in salaries and expenses for Vice President Cheney. A group of Democrats plans to fight this line item. John Dimsdale reports.
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Oil companies say no to Venezuela

Scott Jagow | Jun 26, 2007
Today was the deadline for oil companies in Venezuela to hand over operations to President Hugo Chavez's government. Scott Jagow spoke with Reuters reporter Brian Ellsworth in Caracas about two U.S.-based companies' refusal to go along.

Wanted: Bilingual teachers

| Jun 26, 2007
While most kids are out of school for the summer, school administrators spend the time looking for teachers.And in Texas, bilingual teachers are in particularly short supply. Joy Diaz reports.
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So, what do you think?

Scott Jagow | Jun 26, 2007
Scott Jagow takes a look at some of the notes and comments we've received recently from listeners.

Fire retardants in your home and body

| Jun 26, 2007
Appliances and furniture in your house contain flame retardants. They can save your home and your life, but they might also pose a health risk. Sasha Aslanian reports.
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More help for Scott's mom

| Jun 26, 2007
A new magazine debuted today devoted to the $7 billion business of getting organized. When Scott Jagow heard about this, only one person came to mind: His mom.
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'Sicko' could cure American apathy

| Jun 26, 2007
Michael Moore's latest film comes out this week, and commentator Jamie Court thinks it might provide the emotional kick in the pants Americans need to finally demand universal health care and put private insurers out of business.
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