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New organic rules

Janet Babin | Jun 5, 2006
The government this week issues new rules about what food can be labeled organic. Janet Babin has more.
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Indecency fines going up?

Jeff Tyler | Jun 5, 2006
The House is expected to vote on a Senate bill this week to hike indecency fines for broadcasters tenfold. But broadcasters are ready to do battle. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Bidding for Europe's growing airport business

Stephen Beard | Jun 5, 2006
The battle to take over one of Europe's largest airport operators is lifting off. A large Australian bank has joined a consortium led by Goldman Sachs and is poised to make a bid. From London, Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Canada

Garcia back on top in Peru

Dan Grech | Jun 5, 2006
Yesterday in Peru, disgraced former president Alan Garcia beat Ollanta Humala, the fiery candidate backed by Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. Dan Grech reports.
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Rents on the rise

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 2, 2006
What you need to know today about rising rents.
Posted In: Housing

Labor-market snapshot not pretty

Scott Tong | Jun 2, 2006
The government's snapshot of the labor market released today wasn't pretty. Employers last month did a whole lot less hiring than expected. It was enough for some economists to use the term "inflection point." Scott Tong explains.
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NYSE may go from the floor to the chip

Amy Scott | Jun 2, 2006
The Big Board has announced a deal to buy the European exchange Euronext, and it may be cooking up a plan to steer more business away from the trading floor and into electronic transactions. Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: Canada, Wall Street

Preschool ballot measure: Will it be a test?

| Jun 2, 2006
A measure on Tuesday's California ballot calls for state funding of universal preschool. It's controversial. It isn't cheap. And it's being watched closely. Apryl Lundsten reports.

The Plan: We each get $10,000 a year

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 2, 2006
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid funding adds up to 9% of the US gross domestic product. More than <nobr>$1 trillion</nobr> a year. Some economists say that'll rise to 30% by 2050. Author Charles Murray says he has a better plan <nobr>. . .</nobr> with a capital P.
Posted In: Washington

The Week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 2, 2006
Stockbroker David Johnson talks with host Kai Ryssdal about what happened in the markets this week, and what may lie ahead.
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