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An AMT patch for a pay-go promise

Jeremy Hobson | Nov 1, 2007
Congressman Charles Rangel proposed a one-year patch for the alternative minimum tax to save taxpayers from a rate hike. But Jeremy Hobson reports it could threaten the Democrats' promise of pay-as-you-go spending.
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Offering one last ride in Hog heaven

| Oct 31, 2007
They may never run out of potential customers, but funeral directors still have to stay competitive. Carl Marziali reports on how some are attracting those who like to follow Harleys -- one last time.

Power from pond scum

| Oct 31, 2007
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is going to restart its research into algae as a replacement for oil and gas. In fact, the lab is going to team up with Chevron for the project. Michael Montgomery reports.
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CEOs creating value -- for themselves

| Oct 31, 2007
Who's to blame for the mortgage mess that's still reverberating through the economy? Commentator Robert Reich thinks it's the same people who cashed in before the credit bubble burst.
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Pumpkin tax hits like pie in the face

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 31, 2007
The Iowa Department of Revenue has decided pumpkins sold for decoration and not eating should be taxed. Kai Ryssdal talked to pumpkin-patch operator Bob Kautz about the decision and the slice it's taken from his profits.

'Black Friday' comes early this year

Bob Moon | Oct 31, 2007
As far is the nation's biggest retailer is concerned, the holiday shopping season has arrived. Wal-Mart is going to be offering some hot discounts this Friday to get Christmas shopping started early. What about waiting until the day after Thanksgiving? Bob Moon reports.
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Airline safety study to be made public

John Dimsdale | Oct 31, 2007
NASA chief Michael Griffin has promised Congress he will release results of a six-year-long study of airline safety that reportedly finds there have been many more near-collisions between aircraft than previously revealed. John Dimsdale reports.
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Do-not-track list proposed for Web

Steve Henn | Oct 31, 2007
A coalition of consumer privacy groups is pushing for the creation of a national do-not-track list that would allow Web surfers to stop Internet companies from recording their personal behavior online. Steve Henn reports.
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Will economy keep rolling or blow a tire?

Steve Tripoli | Oct 31, 2007
While the Fed is cutting interest rates to ward off an economic slowdown, the latest GDP numbers are strong -- a seeming schizophrenia that has markets jumping around. But many economists have an explanation that encompasses all the numbers. Steve Tripoli reports.
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And don't follow me online, either

Steve Henn | Oct 31, 2007
Most methods to preserve online privacy have had little impact. But with the success of the "Do Not Call" list, privacy advocates are vying for a similar pproach. Steve Henn reports.