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Defense bill free of major conflicts

John Dimsdale | Oct 2, 2007
Senators are considering a defense spending bill that, at nearly $460 billion, won't pay a dime for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Democratic leaders have postponed that debate until later this year. John Dimsdale reports.

If costs are higher, performance worse...

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 2, 2007
Erik Prince, CEO of the private-security firm Blackwater, defended his company's performance in Iraq before the House Oversight Committee today. Kai Ryssdal has more.

Nasdaq thinks globally, buys regionally

| Oct 2, 2007
This morning, the Nasdaq announced that it was buying the Boston Stock Exchange, one of the oldest regional exchanges. But after purchasing so many international exchanges this month, why Boston? Amy Scott explains.
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Learning money one panel at a time

| Oct 2, 2007
Young people aren't famous for being wise about money. But the Federal Reserve of New York is trying to get them money smart early on with a series of educational comics covering a wide scope of financial topics. Jaime Bedrin has the story.
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Business paper gets with the times

Stephen Beard | Oct 2, 2007
Saving readers $400 in annual fees, The Financial Times of London will allow visitors access to free content online. Stephen Beard reports this may be a pre-emptive strike against Rupert Murdoch.
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Brazil opening up the oil field

Dan Grech | Oct 2, 2007
Brazil is gearing up to become a major player in the oil market. State-run oil firm Petrobras will start selling exploration licenses to foreign firms next month. Dan Grech reports.

Chevron not immune to sanctions

John Dimsdale | Oct 2, 2007
Chevron was largely exempt from former U.S. sanctions on Myanmar, but now the White House is considering forcing the oil giant to cut its ties with the country. Profits are a major revenue source for the military junta. John Dimsdale reports.

Credit score versus insurance rates

Steve Tripoli | Oct 2, 2007
Congress is taking up the issue of whether a person's credit score should determine their insurance rate. Consumer groups find the practice discriminatory. Steve Tripoli has more.
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Subprime hits the Armani set

Sarah Gardner | Oct 2, 2007
High-end retailers are holding off some of their orders on the approach of the holiday season, according to one report. Sarah Gardner reports they may be starting to feel the crunch.
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Las Vegas loves Asians

| Oct 2, 2007
Las Vegas knows that 4 out of 5 of its high rollers come from Asia. And the casinos are increasingly more prepared to serve the specific needs of their best customers. Lenora Chu has the story.
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