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And they say PCs are good with numbers

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 17, 2007
Computer maker Dell has to restate its finances from the last four years after the company was caught fudging with the numbers to hit performance goals. Ashley Milne-Tyte has more.
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The official line: You're on your own

Bob Moon | Aug 16, 2007
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and the head of the Federal Reserve bank in St. Louis had basically the same message today -- despite the market unease, there's no plan for government intervention. Bob Moon has more.

Even a safe bet is harder to find

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 16, 2007
Worries about the usually safe investment in "commercial paper" -- short-term bonds companies float to run their operations -- are trickling through the markets. Moody's chief economist John Lonski explains.
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It doesn't care for strings on U.S. aid

John Dimsdale | Aug 16, 2007
The charitable organization CARE is turning down $45 million in U.S. government aid because, it says, the strings attached to the food aid package are hurting developing countries. John Dimsdale reports.
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FDA: Careful with the kid meds

Helen Palmer | Aug 16, 2007
The Food and Drug Administration is warning parents not to give cough or cold medicines to children under 2 unless a doctor says so. The recommendation comes after a campaign by pediatricians who've treated overdoses of cold remedies. Helen Palmer reports.
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Beach reads: Good, bad capitalism

| Aug 16, 2007
In our continuing series on the best business beach books, economist Marcellus Andrews picked one that really is all business: "Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism."
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Hip-hop's cash kings

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 16, 2007
You probably won't find Shawn Carter or Curtis Jackson on any list of Who's Who in American Business. But they're on top of the new Forbes magazine list of hip-hop's cash kings. Forbes' Lea Goldman is on the beat.
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'I am sunlight, not moonlight'

| Aug 16, 2007
Meet a woman who's trying to get Cambodia a piece of the action in the international silk trade. The silk empire she's stitched together is the biggest employer in her province. Rachel Louise Snyder reports.
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The Politics of the Housing Market

Chris Farrell | Aug 16, 2007
Mike Mandel of Business Week has a good post on the political imoplications of the housing market bust:...

Do workers lose in private buyouts?

John Dimsdale | Aug 16, 2007
The explosion of recent corporate takeovers by private investors has attracted the attention of labor unions. Yesterday, one union leader launched an effort to rein in private equity's growing influence. John Dimsdale reports.
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