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Supermarkets shop for upscale niche

Steve Henn | Oct 26, 2007
Have you noticed that all the big grocery chains seem to be going upscale? Which is why the Dutch conglomerate that owns the Giant Food chain here in the states is renovting 100 of its stores. Steve Henn reports the facelifts are long overdue.
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Big banks' subprime fund not so super?

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 26, 2007
Former Treasury Secy. John Snow says he doubts that a so-called superfund set up by big banks to cushion the mortgage meltdown is going to work. Kai Ryssdal talked with Reuters columnist James Saft to find out why not.
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Countrywide shares jump on CEO's news

Steve Tripoli | Oct 26, 2007
Despite Countrywide's $1.2 billion loss in the 3rd quarter, its CEO says the black ink is about to start flowing again. That word sent its shares soaring. Steve Tripoli reports on whether people bidding up those shares are drinking more than their share of the Kool-Aid.
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House shows off latest in green tech

Lisa Napoli | Oct 26, 2007
New technologies, materials and techniques are allowing designers to create the next generation of environmentally friendly buildings. Lisa Napoli tours a totally green home to see what happens when modern design and eco-consciousness meet.

Financial Football teaches fiscal skills

Jeff Tyler | Oct 26, 2007
Visa and the NFL team up to teach financial skills to a generation of gamers. Jeff Tyler heads to the Superdome in New Orleans to try his hand at Financial Football.

Strong economy at issue in Argentina

| Oct 26, 2007
Argentinian presidential candidate Cristina Kirchner's biggest political hurdles have more to do with strong economic growth than any opponents. Rachel Hopkin reports.

Testing the limits of charity

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 26, 2007
The heirs of the A&P supermarket fortune claim a $35 million donation given to Princeton University by their parents in 1961 wasn't used for its intended purpose. Jeremy Hobson reports on the court case that would determine if they can get the money back.
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It takes a big fish to catch a big fish

Dan Grech | Oct 26, 2007
The annual Bisbee's Black & Blue sportfishing tournament attracts competitors wealthy enough to shrug off a $70,000 registration fee, or drop $1 million on a gold-encrusted lure. Dan Grech has more.
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Goldman Sachs is promotion-happy

Amy Scott | Oct 26, 2007
While most investment banks are struggling, Goldman Sachs is doing well enough to promote 299 employees to managing director. Amy Scott deciphers the true meaning behind the title.
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Teleconferencing meets 21st century

Jill Barshay | Oct 26, 2007
Video-conferencing technology has had a reputation of being choppy at best. But Jill Barshay reports a new wave of "telepresence" systems are good enough to convince some companies not to spend money on plane tickets.