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Drilling for Mideast money

Jill Barshay | May 23, 2007
Halliburton, the world's biggest oilfield services company, officially opened its new headquarters in Dubai and sent out a call for local investors. Jill Barshay reports.

Foreclosed homes are going, going . . .

Jane Lindholm | May 23, 2007
As foreclosed homes flood the market, lenders are looking to get their money out as soon as possible. One way to do that is at auction. Jane Lindholm checked out the bidding where lots of homes were on the block.
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Wall Street shouldn't celebrate

| May 23, 2007
To look around on Wall Street you'd think we were back in the days before anybody knew what a dot-com bust was. Commentator Ben Stein says investor enthusiasm is misplaced.
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It's your turn

| May 23, 2007
Kai Ryssdal reviews some of the comments we've received about — among other things — baseball, motherhood, good corporate behavior and . . . improving our pronunciation.

This compromise bears fruit

| May 23, 2007
Syria and Israel's dispute over the Golan Heights has restricted trade for decades. But they do offer an olive branch, or rather, an apple cart. Seasonal demand for apples brings a temporary truce each year. Orly Halpern reports.

No hedging: $1 million prize for cancer research

| May 23, 2007
Hedge funds invest in everything from toll bridges to movies. Now, one firm is backing a more worthy cause.
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Time to copy the carbon trading market

| May 23, 2007
Greenhouse gas emissions from the U.S. — and China and India and Russia — are rising so fast they've easily canceled out a dip in Europe, according to a recent U.N. report. So maybe the E.U.'s onto something with its emissions trading market, says Glenn Hubbard.

Your friendly local avatar

| May 23, 2007
Just when you thought one of the greatest benefits of shopping online was never having to say "I'm just browsing thanks," more companies are discovering that virtual salespeople can boost Internet sales. Mike Rhee has the story.
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Cheaper roaming in Europe

Stephen Beard and Lisa Napoli | May 23, 2007
Using cell phones across Europe is about to become much more affordable — as much as 75 percent cheaper. It's all part of the movement to bring E.U. member states closer, says Stephen Beard.
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Waiting. . . and waiting. . . for takeoff

Janet Babin | May 23, 2007
Summer travelers, be prepared for more airport delays than ever. The FAA has a plan to help reduce delays, but analysts say the root of the problem will remain: There's only so much pavement. Janet Babin explains.
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