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Don't bet on Internet gambling ban's reversal

John Dimsdale | Jun 8, 2007
Some lawmakers are trying to undo the Internet gambling ban President Bush signed into law last year. One of them got a hearing on his proposal today on Capitol Hill. But as John Dimsdale reports, the bill faces long odds.
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A different sort of venture

Janet Babin | Jun 8, 2007
Venture capitalists have been shying away from early-stage drug funding. So some nonprofit foundations are filling the gap in a practice known as venture philanthropy. Janet Babin reports.
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Buzzword: Bull-bear ratio

| Jun 8, 2007
Need to know how your stocks are doing? There's no better way to describe a market than by using examples from the animal kingdom.
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Frederick Mishkin, author and Fed governor

Chris Farrell | Jun 8, 2007
Financiers may pocket gargantuan paychecks, but they get no respect. There is a widespread sense that financiers don't create anything of value, at...

Marc Andreessen

Chris Farrell | Jun 8, 2007
The Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen, co-creator of the web browser Mosaic and co-founder of Netscape, has a blog. It is well worth reading....

Periodic inflation scare

Chris Farrell | Jun 8, 2007
We're going through a periodic inflation scare. Basically, with central banks tightening (Europe) or standing firm (U.S.), and long-term interest...

Rate hike fears drop markets

Amy Scott | Jun 8, 2007
U.S. stock markets continued their plunge and investors spooked by inflation worries fled the bond market yesterday, sending prices tumbling. It all has a whole lot to do with central banks upping interest rates, Amy Scott reports.
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Breastfeeding's in, freebie formula is out

Alisa Roth | Jun 8, 2007
The list of benefits doctors now attribute to breastfeeding is almost too good to be true. So why do so many hospitals send new mothers home with free baby formula? New York City and activist groups are out to stop the practice. Alisa Roth reports.
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Be cool: Change the world, make a profit

Scott Jagow | Jun 8, 2007
Call it a hedge fund with a conscience? Global Cool is using star power and rock concerts to spread its message on global warming — and making a return for its investors. In fact, it's a very serious investment fund, says Martin Waller.
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Backlog puts passport requirements on hold

Dan Grech | Jun 8, 2007
As part of a drive to boost security, the State Department mandated that travelers to Canada, Mexico and the Carribbean have a passport. But the demand has caused months of document delays. Dan Gretch reports.
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