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Bear hit raises fears of debt crisis

Steve Henn | Aug 3, 2007
Wall Street is hoping the subprime mortgage crisis won't spread. But Bear Sterns' debt rating got downrated today, and some economists aren't sure the problem has been contained. Steve Henn reports.
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Chip fab shutdowns rock whole industry

Lisa Napoli | Aug 3, 2007
A power outage in South Korea shut down factories that make memory chips essential to a whole range of electronic devices. As Lisa Napoli reports, the timing of the shutdown echoes through the industry.
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A Swiss Army Knife, made in China?

Janet Babin | Aug 3, 2007
There's a good chance a new version of the venerable brand might carry a "made in China" label. It's a case of national identity vs. production costs. Janet Babin reports on the uproar over a pocket knife.
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Tough new regs target SSN fraud

Dan Grech | Aug 3, 2007
A crackdown on fraudulent Social Security numbers could be costly to illegal immigrants and employers who don't bother to verify documents. As Dan Grech reports, as many as four million workers risk getting fired.
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Y'all come back now, amigos

| Aug 3, 2007
Texas attracts more visitors from Mexico than from any other country. And with tourism down due in part to heavy rains, cities like San Antonio are doing all they can to get a piece of the action. Joy Diaz reports.
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The week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 3, 2007
Bob Moon talks to analyst David Johnson about what happened on Wall Street this week.
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Big loophole in the lobbyist bill

| Aug 3, 2007
Tough new regulations on lobbyists might help clean up Congress. But commentator Jeff Birnbaum found a loophole in the bill that might mean the only way a lobbyist can pay for dinner is if they contribute to a campaign...

Wingwomen get conversation started

| Aug 3, 2007
For a single man on the dating scene, the best way to break the ice -- other than a cute puppy -- is a woman friend doing the talking. Now a growing service is helping shy guys meet Ms. Right, or Ms. Right Now.
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Buzzword: Merger Monday

| Aug 3, 2007
Wall Street professionals knew to expect the big merger announcements -- and occasionally good news -- on the first business day of the week. But these days, Monday's not always so sunny.
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Day in the Work Life: Military consultant

| Aug 3, 2007
What it's like to risk your life? Professional Navy SEAL trainer Don Mann shows us the ropes.
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