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Conservation inspired by debt

Dan Grech | Oct 1, 2007
This week, Congress will consider forgiving the debt of developing countries in exchange for safeguarding their natural resources. Dan Grech reports that these "debt-for-nature" swaps have worked well before.

Congress trying to lighten up

Sam Eaton | Oct 1, 2007
Congress is expected to vote on a broad energy package this month, which will also favor more energy-efficent lighting. Sam Eaton has more.

High-definition purgatory

| Oct 1, 2007
For your DVD-viewing pleasure, should you pick up Sony's Blu-Ray, or an HD-DVD? It's a tough call for some, but commentator Bill Hammack says he's not choosing either.

Some still pass on passport

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 1, 2007
A new passport rule goes into effect today for Americans -- they'll need a passport from now on to travel to Canada or Mexico. But Jeremy Hobson reports that some people still need to get their hands on one.
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Even Swiss banks hurt by subprime

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Oct 1, 2007
Swiss bank UBS today reported substantial losses and announced 1,500 job cuts -- including the CEO. Scott Jagow asks Stephen Beard in London whether similar statements are on their way from other European banks.
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What Recession?

Chris Farrell | Sep 30, 2007
Every month I get a long list of return numbers from the investment boutique Aronson+Johnson+Ortiz. The latest rows of figures are all positive....

Lessons from the trash challenge

Tess Vigeland | Sep 29, 2007
In the coming weeks, Marketplace will air a series of reports on our consumer culture -- why we keep buying as much stuff as we do, and whether or not it's sustainable. Tess Vigeland hauled around her own trash for two weeks for an education on waste.

Something else to dislike about September

Tess Vigeland | Sep 29, 2007
According to Wall Street lore and superstitious brokers, September is the worst month for investors. Tess talks about the legend with David Wyss, chief economist for Standard and Poor's.
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Bringing health care home

Tess Vigeland | Sep 29, 2007
Many older Americans are choosing not to seek medical care in nursing homes or other facilities, but have someone assist them in their home. Tess Vigeland talks about the trend with Elinor Ginzler of the AARP.
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Setting a stage to feel 'at home'

Curt Nickisch | Sep 29, 2007
Have a home that just won't sell? One reason might be the soft market, or you're asking too much money for it . . . or you could just be a slob. If that's the case, you could do what Curt Nickisch did and hire a professional home stager.
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