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GOP stumbles over the border

| Nov 1, 2006
There will be no shortage of reasons that Republicans have found 2006 to be a tough reelection year, but commentator David Frum says we can't overlook this one: immigration.

Return to Lebanon

Ben Gilbert | Nov 1, 2006
A group of Lebanese American businessmen returned to their homeland to see firsthand the devastation left by the recent war. Ben Gilbert has the story.
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Skeptical of OPEC?

Jeff Tyler | Nov 1, 2006
The oil cartel is expected today to implement its pledge to cut production in an attempt to boost falling crude prices. But as Jeff Tyler reports, the market isn't so sure OPEC will walk the talk.
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China's economy on fire

Scott Jagow | Nov 1, 2006
The IMF today predicted China's growth would be an eye-popping 10 percent or more this year. Host Scott Jagow talks to China Economic Quarterly's Arthur Kroeber about whether the country's rapid growth is a good thing.
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High Court hears emissions case

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Nov 1, 2006
At issue is how the government should measure smokestack emissions. Companies could be forced to add expensive new pollution controls, but environmentalists say the benefits in cleaner air are worth the cost. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Bloated auto inventories

Sarah Gardner | Nov 1, 2006
Detroit releases its auto sales figures for October today. They're likely to show an increase, But showrooms still have a lot of inventory on their hands. Sarah Gardner reports.

New Alaska chief at BP

Stephen Beard | Nov 1, 2006
BP is replacing the head of its Alaskan operations following major problems at the company's Prudhoe Bay oil field there due pipeline corrosion — but says that isn't the reason. Stephen Beard reports.
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Battle over modified rice in India

Miranda Kennedy | Nov 1, 2006
Indian rice farmers and traders want the government there to stop controversial trials of genetically-modified rice. They're worried about losing their overseas markets — and rightfully so, Miranda Kennedy reports.

Can wireless challenge iPod?

Janet Babin | Nov 1, 2006
Cingular is reportedly working with online music services to deliver downloads through its cell phone network. But will trendsetters really turn away from the iPod? Janet Babin reports.
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Air Force needs war money

John Dimsdale | Oct 31, 2006
Costs for the so-called war on terror are adding up. The Air Force says it will need $50 billion in additional funding, but the emergency budget request could be a hard sell on Capitol Hill, John Dimsdale reports.
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