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Taking the animals out of testing

Janet Babin | May 24, 2007
Animal testing in science and medicine has its limits — both ethical and practical. So scientists are working to develop experimentation that's cheaper, faster and, sometimes, more accurate. Janet Babin reports.
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Your credit card statement may be getting clearer

Tess Vigeland | May 24, 2007
For the first time in more than 25 years the Federal Reserve has proposed new rules about credit cards and how consumers can find out what they need to know. It's called Regulation Z, and Tess Vigeland has the details.
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A Dickens of a theme park

Stephen Beard | May 24, 2007
A group of British investors is pouring more than $120 million into England's newest tourist attraction: Dickens World. Our man in London, Stephen Beard, went for a sneak preview.

It's pronounced DIME-ler!

Kai Ryssdal | May 24, 2007
We appreciate your comments, but Kai's been getting it right when pronouncing the German carmaker's name. Here's another attempt to get us all on the same page.
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Everybody listens to Greenspan, except China

Bob Moon | May 24, 2007
Alan Greenspan yesterday warned that he fears China's skyrocketing stock market is due for a dramatic correction. That sent prices down on Wall Street and in Europe, but investors in Shanghai barely seemed to notice.
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Private equity tax loophole, take two

| May 24, 2007
Robert Reich got a lotta mail about his suggestion to tax private equity earnings as income. Seems folks think fund managers would just move that money offshore instead. He says if that's the case, they should follow their cash and get the heck out.
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Sports leagues get tough on crime

Lisa Napoli | May 24, 2007
As athletes continue to make headlines for crimes and other behavior not befitting their role model status, pro sports leagues are starting to tighten the reigns of player conduct. But real change will come slowly, says David Carter.
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Are America's days as top dog numbered?

| May 24, 2007
Forecasters believe that China will outstrip the U.S. as the globe's top manufacturer in just a dozen years. But China's growing domestic market could even things out in the long run. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Old violins and other hedge funds

Bob Moon | May 24, 2007
Wealthy investors are running out of things to buy and that's created a market for some unusual hedge funds. They don't always make it off the ground, but the violin fund may actually be going places, says James Mackintosh.
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Burberry's upsizing its American outfit

Stephen Beard | May 24, 2007
The British fashion house famous for its black, white and red check is ready to launch a rapid expansion in the States. American shoppers can look forward to 10 new Burberry retail stores this year, Stephen Beard reports.
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