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Latest Stories

Latest Stories

When is tax reform hot?

Oct 11, 2005
President Bush's advisory panel on federal tax reform meets today to discuss changes to the tax code that actually might stir up some sparks. Scott Tong reports.

Snow in China

Oct 10, 2005
US Treasure Secretary John Snow is in Asia this week. Among the top items on his agenda: currency and trade issues. Alisa Roth reports.

Gold mines on indigenous lands

Oct 10, 2005
As the price of gold increases, so do pressures to mine more of it. These days, though, many gold deposits are on lands occupied by indigenous Americans. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Pthalates — oh heck, just say Plastics

Oct 10, 2005
Government researchers launch a hearing today to look at just how dangerous pthalates, found in many plastics, may be. As Helen Palmer reports, the chemical industry has a lot at stake.

The Sloan Sessions: nervous Wall Street

Oct 10, 2005
<em>Newsweek</em> Wall Street Editor Allan Sloan tells host Scott Jagow that the market is skittish about the threat of inflation, whether that fear is founded or not.

Golden State (Working) Warriors

Sep 28, 2005
A study out today says a California family of four must bring in $71,000 a year just to make ends meet. From the Work and Family Desk, Sarah Gardner reports on what these figures signal for the rest of the country.

Blackfeet, Sioux and iron

Sep 21, 2005
Arizona Public Radio's Daniel Kraker looks at a group of Native American ironworkers that hopes to ride the construction wave while building on their heritage.

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When SCOTUS and AT&T tangle

Sep 14, 2005
Chief Justice nominee John Roberts says he won't decide cases based on his personal views. But what about cases in which he might have a financial stake? Typically the justices recuse themselves — Ian Ayres says they shouldn't have to.

The Paper Trail

Sep 9, 2005
Marketplace's Hillary Wicai reports on the must-have documents you need to store in case of a natural disaster.

The fragile balance of global trade

Aug 31, 2005
Whether it's a hurricane or 9-11, a major disaster can make us re-examine our infrastructure. Like fancy systems we've devised for just-in-time inventories and job outsourcing. Writer and commentator Barry Lynn takes a look.