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Excise tax

Jan 26, 2006
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell and host Scott Jagow discuss the colorful origins of the federal excise tax, and why it might soon be repealed.

Leery of Lexus Lanes

Jan 25, 2006
Savvy Traveler commentator Rudy Maxa cries foul over government plans for two-tiered security screening at airports.


Jan 25, 2006
Adidas has been given the green light to acquire US athletic shoemaker Reebok in a deal estimated at $3.8 billion. Adidas hopes the acquisition will put it on track to give Nike a run for its money. Alisa Roth reports.

China meets the Big Apple

Jan 25, 2006
One of China's first private companies, Beijing Vantone Real Estate, has signed a deal to lease the top five floors of the first new building at Ground Zero since 9/11. Finding tenants for 7 World Trade Center had been difficult,…

Alternative Davos

Jan 25, 2006
Tens of thousands of participants are expected to turn out for this week's World Social Forum, billed as an alternative to the World Economic Forum in Davos. But as Brian Ellsworth reports, host country Venezuela may not be the poster…

J&J mulls new Guidant offer

Jan 24, 2006
Johnson&Johnson is likely to escalate the bidding war over Guidant Technologies today. As Helen Palmer reports, the red-hot medical device market makes Guidant attractive, despite its liabilities.

Toyota seeks higher NASCAR profile

Jan 24, 2006
The Japanese automaker has announced plans to enter its vehicles in NASCAR's elite Nextel and Busch series, currently dominated by the Chevy, Ford and Dodge brands. As Bob Moon reports, it's more about marketing than racing.

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European cartels

Jan 24, 2006
The culture of collusion and price-fixing is alive and well in Europe. But regulators have served notice the end of cartel activity is nigh. Stephen Beard reports.

Environmental Performance Index

Jan 24, 2006
A group of researchers from Yale and Columbia has devised a scorecard to rate countries on how well they manage their environmental and natural resources. As John Dimsdale reports, the US lags behind most of the developed world.

One US automaker's perspective

Jan 20, 2006
Chris Brown, an American automaker, shares what it's like to be losing the battle over production and manufacturing.