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Latest Stories

Businesses look to rein in USAPATRIOT Act

Nov 17, 2005
The House is expected to vote today on changes to the USAPATRIOT act that would restrict the ability of federal officials to seize business records in terrorism investigations. Amy Scott reports.

Farms as Superfund sites?

Nov 16, 2005
A Congressional committee today takes up the issue of whether big industrial farms can fall under Superfund cleanup oversight. Sam Eaton reports.

Pre-K in Georgia

Nov 16, 2005
Many states use lottery proceeds to improve public schools. In Georgia, lotto revenue has been used to create a model public pre-kindergarten program. But as Sarah Gardner reports, the program's advocates wonder if the money will keep rolling in.

Delta decision

Nov 16, 2005
Today a bankruptcy judge decides whether Delta can void its labor contract with its pilots. Andrea Gardner looks at the precedent for this kind of action, and what factors the judge is likely to consider.

The 'Energy Security' Act

Nov 16, 2005
Senators from both side of the aisle unveil a new bill today aimed at, in part, increasing the number of alternative-fuel vehicles on US roads. Jeff Tyler reports.

October retail sales

Nov 15, 2005
The government's retail sales figures for October are expected to be released today, and as Rachel Dornhelm reports, it doesn't appear that higher gas prices have put much of a crimp in consumer spending.

Western Union clamps down on fraud

Nov 15, 2005
Western Union has announced a series of steps designed to discourage consumers from wiring money to fraudulent telemarketers. Scott Jagow reports.

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The illegal art trade

Nov 15, 2005
The Getty Center's former antiquities curator is going on trial in Italy for conspiring to loot Roman artifacts. It's part of Italy's efforts to curb the illicit art trade, but as Megan Williams reports, not everyone in the art world…

Bernanke hearings

Nov 15, 2005
The Senate Banking Committee opens hearings today on Ben Bernanke's nomination as chairman of the Federal Reserve board. John Dimsdale reports.

Pension accounting

Nov 14, 2005
Newsweek Wall Street editor Alan Sloan tells host Cheryl Glaser about new accounting standards for pension obligations.

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