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We've treated symptoms, this is cancer

| Sep 25, 2008
Host Scott Jagow asks Republican Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas if we really need this bailout plan to avoid economic catastrophe and gets his thoughts on what's most important in the market rescue.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

In bankruptcies, where do benefits go?

| Jan 30, 2009
With corporate bankruptcies in the news, what happens to your health care coverage if your whole company goes belly up? Host Tess Vigeland asks Kiplinger's Kimberly Lankford.
Posted In: Health

Food vendors sell with personal touch

| Jan 26, 2009
The recession hasn't stopped some entrepreneurs from breaking into the specialty food market. The Fancy Food Show in San Francisco was ripe with new companies marketing their products -- but not necessarily for huge profits. April Dembosky reports.
Posted In: Food

Day in the Work Life: Brewer

| Jan 30, 2009
On this week's "A Day in the Work Life," we grab a cold one with Luther Paul, head brewer at Lakefront Brewery.

FHA offers home buyers a leg up

Bob Moon | Jan 30, 2009
Many potential buyers feel they don't have the credit or cash to get into the real estate market. But as Marketplace's senior business correspondent Bob Moon reports, an old lending program could give them the help they need.
Posted In: Housing

Pacific salmon supply drying up

Mitchell Hartman | Jul 29, 2008
Salmon fisheries in the Pacific Northwest are in serious trouble and dwindling supply means fish markets and restaurants are scrambling to find an alternative for their customers. Mitchell Hartman reports.
Posted In: Food

Getting Personal

Chris Farrell and Tess Vigeland | Jan 23, 2009
Host Tess Vigeland and economics editor Chris Farrell answer listener questions about pulling out of the market, retirement plans, investing overseas, credit unions vs. banks, the best use for savings, selling a home and unemployment.

House Democrats unveil stimulus plan

Steve Henn | Jan 15, 2009
House Democrats unveiled their $825 billion stimulus plan today. The package devotes billions to new spending and tax cuts, and is likely to grow. Steve Henn reports on the details.

Now showing: Your home

Eve Troeh | Sep 19, 2008
Who owns all those houses you see in movies and TV shows? People just like you, mostly. Eve Troeh explains how to make your own house a star.
Posted In: Entertainment, Housing

Seeing the world through a realist lens

| May 20, 2008
This week we're asking three future economists a simple question. Why take up a discipline that's been called the dismal science? For Andra Ghent it's because in a world full of idealists, economists are the hard-boiled truth-tellers.
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