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Nationalization talk sinks bank stocks

Bob Moon | Feb 20, 2009
Bank of America and Citigroup's shares continue to slide to record lows. Some analysts blame this on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's reluctance to make a decision about bank nationalization. Bob Moon reports.

Decoder: Futures

Rico Gagliano | Dec 17, 2008
When futures traders buy grain, oil or other commodities, they're paying what they think those products will be worth in several weeks or months. How does the process work? Rico Gagliano explains in The Marketplace Decoder.
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Difficulty in diagnosing health of banks

Steve Henn | Feb 19, 2009
When regulators take a look at the banks' books, they might be in for a surprise. The 38 banks the FDIC has taken over in the past two years have overstated their assets by more than $20 billion. Steve Henn reports.

B of A subpoenaed over Merrill bonuses

Janet Babin | Feb 20, 2009
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has subpoenaed Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis on an investigation into whether the bank misled investors about bonuses and losses at Merrill Lynch. Janet Babin reports.
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Mall Rats

Scott Jagow | Feb 20, 2009
I moderated a panel last fall about the financial crisis, and one comment that stood out to me was that commercial real estate would be the big...
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Veterans' new war is a bad economy

Steve Henn | Feb 20, 2009
Services for homeless veterans have improved over the last decade, but the stagnating economy and job losses have created a rise in needy vets. Steve Henn explores the issues vets may have upon return from duty.
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What will it take for SEC to regulate?

| Feb 19, 2009
The SEC is accused of dropping the ball with Madoff. Now there are allegations that Robert Allen Stanford scammed investors out of $8 billion. What does someone have to do to get the watchdog commission's attention? Ronni Radbill reports.

Fed looking beyond interest rates

John Dimsdale | Jan 27, 2009
The Federal Reserve will meet today to discuss interest rates today, and the consensus is keep them low. John Dimsdale reports the Fed will be looking at other items that could potentially light a lending fire.

You go, Sweden

Scott Jagow | Feb 19, 2009
The board of car company Saab is reportedly meeting right now to go over the details of reorganizing. This move is short of bankruptcy but would...
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Will companies stay green in recession?

Sarah Gardner | Feb 11, 2009
In the past few years, many companies have made the effort to become more green -- from launching sustainability initiatives to cutting energy use. But in this economic downturn, is corporate green fervor dwindling? Sarah Gardner reports.



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