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The new Manhattan Project

Scott Jagow | Feb 24, 2009
As we watch the stock market sink to 1997 levels, this article in Wired Magazine should send chills down your spine. It says a formula created by...
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How the banks' stress tests will work

John Dimsdale | Feb 23, 2009
The Treasury Department will submit the nation's largest banks to stress tests before they receive more aid as part of its rescue program. But how exactly will these tests work? John Dimsdale explains.

Multiple real estate listings to go online

| May 31, 2008
For those ready to jump into the real estate market, the National Association of Realtors has agreed to share the housing database called the Multiple Listing Service with rival brokers on the Internet. Author Elizabeth Razzi explains.

Who can you trust to help repair credit?

| Feb 25, 2009
Credit card assistant programs are popular as consumer debt levels near one trillion dollars. Steve Chiotakis talks to LA Times columnist David Lazarus about why he's skeptical about some of these firms.
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Pay off credit card

Chris Farrell | Feb 17, 2009
Question: Out of the clear blue sky, I got a notice that my Capital One Platinum credit card rate is being raised from 4.99% to 13.99. I have a...
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AIG may seek government help, again

Steve Henn | Feb 24, 2009
Struggling insurance giant AIG is seeking more help from the government as it prepares to reveal a fourth-quarter loss of $60 billion. But what happened to the $150 billion in bailout money it already received? Steve Henn reports.

Vacant retail spaces get creative re-use

| Feb 24, 2009
With more retail stores closing in this recession, property owners are left with a lot of vacant space to fill. Some are finding creative ways to do so. Tamara Keith reports.
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Solar incentive opens energy window

Sam Eaton | Jan 19, 2009
Financing green projects can be expensive, so cities are rethinking the economic model to fund renewable energy. A pilot project in Berkeley, Calif., will use city bonds to pay for the costs of installing solar panels, with money being recouped later through a surcharge on property taxes. Sam Eaton reports.
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Will there be blood?

Scott Jagow | Feb 25, 2009
I just read a very compelling interview with respected Harvard historian Niall Ferguson. Here's the interview by the Toronto Globe and Mail, and...

Wall Street nervous about Obama plan

Dan Grech | Feb 25, 2009
President Barack Obama told a joint session of Congress last night that his plan is to help people, not banks. But Wall Street traders are getting nervous about overspending. Dan Grech reports.



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