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Monopoly needs an update

Scott Jagow | Mar 26, 2009
Yeah, yeah, Monopoly is digital now, with debit cards and electronic banking. There are new tokens, like a flat-screen TV. There's even a Here...

Tackling the budget

Scott Jagow | Mar 25, 2009
The fight is on over the President's $3.6 trillion dollar budget for next fiscal year. Today, Congressional Democrats unveiled budget blueprints...

Pay up or your car won't start

Scott Jagow | Mar 25, 2009
Great story in the Wall Street Journal this morning about how used-car dealers are installing remote disabling devices inside vehicles. You get...

Is China's global currency plan viable?

Jeremy Hobson | Mar 24, 2009
China's central bank wants to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency with a new currency controlled by the International Monetary Fund. Would this proposal work? Jeremy Hobson reports.

President considers all online questions

John Dimsdale | Mar 26, 2009
President Obama will hold a virtual press conference on the economy later this morning, with the questions coming from the public. John Dimsdale explores how the online forum is giving the public new access to people in power.
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Cheaper dinner grown in the backyard

Andrew Stelzer | Mar 23, 2009
Vegetable gardens are becoming increasingly popular as people want to save money on food in tight times. Several edible landscaping companies have popped up across the country in response to the trend.
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New ways to curb old tech waste

Caitlan Carroll | Mar 25, 2009
A House committee is looking at old electronics waste, which the EPA says is growing two to three times faster than any other kind. As Caitlan Carroll reports, this is largely because no one knows what to do with it.

Obama makes case for spending plan

John Dimsdale | Mar 25, 2009
In a prime-time press conference, President Obama defends the cost of his proposed budget, saying trillions of dollars in deficit spending will be required to grow the economy.
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Straight Story

Chris Farrell and Tess Vigeland | Mar 20, 2009
The IRS recently announced that victims of the Madoff scandal can claim up to 95 percent of their losses on their taxes. Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell discuss what implications this decision has on the tax code and on victims of future Ponzi schemes.
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Got a pink slip? It's time to party

Amy Scott | Dec 11, 2008
For laid-off Wall Street workers, attending a Pink Slip Party is both an opportunity to mingle with other job seekers and a chance to maybe land a new job. Amy Scott reports.
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