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Where does Congress stand on another COVID-19 relief package?

The House has passed a $3 trillion relief bill. Senate Republicans are expected to roll out their own package this week.
Senate Republicans are expected to roll out another coronavirus relief package proposal this week.
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There are better ways to structure unemployment benefits, but they will probably never happen.

Jul 17, 2020
The expanded $600 per week unemployment assistance has been crucial, but experts say there are more effective ways to support people who’ve lost work.
Unemployment assistance offices, like this one in El Paso, Texas, have been overwhelmed with claims.
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Extra unemployment benefit during pandemic boosts spending

Jul 16, 2020
Normally, jobless workers receiving unemployment cut their spending by 7%. But a JPMorgan Chase study found it's rising — by 10%.
An employee administers a temperature check outside an Apple store. The government bonus paid to unemployed workers is scheduled to end at the end of this month.
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Your guide to understanding unemployment insurance terms

Jul 16, 2020
A helpful glossary for terms and acronyms as the July 31 deadline approaches for Pandemic Unemployment Compensation to end.
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Millions of newly unemployed Americans have lost health insurance, study finds

More than 5 million people who lost their jobs lost their health insurance and didn’t find an alternative.
Nearly 5.4 million workers lost their employer-provided health care insurance and have been unable to get it elsewhere.
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With tips down, some restaurants have raised wages for servers. Will it last?

Jul 13, 2020
“A lot of workers are saying no, I refuse to go back and put my health at risk and my family's health at risk for $2, $3 or $4 an hour.”
With business slow at most restaurants, some are raising wages to incentivize staff to come back.
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