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Dealers offer Toyota drivers a way out

Feb 5, 2010
The once-strong resale value of Toyota cars is being challenged by the automaker's string of recent brake and gas pedal problems. Will dealers be able to lure customers with the incentive of a brand trade-in? Alisa Roth reports.

The fallout from Toyota's troubles

Feb 3, 2010
It's turning into another rough week for Toyota. Reporter Alisa Roth talks with Kai Ryssdal about how much the carmaker's problems will cost and whether people will still be willing to buy its cars.

Recall will make dent in Toyota sales

Feb 2, 2010
January figures for automakers are due out today, and analysts expect Toyota sales to have felt the impact of the gas pedal-fueled recall. Steve Chiotakis delves into car sales with Marketplace's Amy Scott.

How will Toyota fix faulty pedals?

Feb 1, 2010
Reporter Alisa Roth talks with Tess Vigeland about the logistics behind Toyota repairing its problematic accelerator pedals and how the carmaker plans to improve its image after the recall.

Toyota fixing gas pedals and PR

Feb 1, 2010
Toyota is quickly sending dealers parts to fix the gas pedal problem which started a massive vehicle recall, and the car maker has launched an equally sizable PR campaign to repair its image. Steve Chiotakis talks to Marketplace's Amy Scott.

Toyota recall highlights supplier issues

Jan 28, 2010
Toyota has expanded its recall to include another million-plus vehicles. The culprit is an accelerator pedal made by a supplier. Alisa Roth reports.