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Perils with Prius? Oh yeah, baby!

Mar 19, 2010
Toyota's Prius has been going through some troubles lately. But commentator Marc Jaffe thinks having a whole new image for the brand may not be as bad as it seems.

Toyota questions runaway Prius story

Mar 15, 2010
Some analysts say it's about time Toyota got control of reports on its cars' acceleration problems and started reassuring customers. But, as Alisa Roth reports, that can be a tricky balance.

Car safety regulators seek more money

Mar 11, 2010
Does the recent attention to Toyota's vehicular troubles reflect a wider breakdown of automotive safety? Bob Moon explores the battle for safer cars -- and a better budget for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Toyota fighting back on tech issues

Mar 9, 2010
Toyota held a press conference to rebut an ABC News story that allegedly shows how miswiring vehicles can cause unintended acceleration. Steve Chiotakis gets more technical details from Marketplace's Alisa Roth.

CA fights small Toyota plant closing

Mar 4, 2010
Toyota wants to close a car-making plant in Fremont, Calif., which would put 5,000 people out of work and could indirectly cost 20,000 more jobs in the process. State officials are trying hard to fight the move. Jeff Tyler reports.

Toyota loses ideal amid auto woes

Mar 3, 2010
Toyota helped usher in a global quality revolution in the mid-1970s. But when the brakes slipped on its cars, consumers were betrayed. Commentator David Frum says they weren't the only ones.

Toyota chief pledges safety changes

Feb 24, 2010
Akio Toyoda, head of Toyota, took full responsibility for the automaker's safety problems and suggested his company got its priorities confused. Bob Moon reviews what he said at a House committee hearing.

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Reviewing NHTSA's role in Toyota recall

Feb 24, 2010
Toyota's president will be apologizing to Capitol Hill for his company's part in producing faulty cars. But the hearing will also focus on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's role in the recall. Gregory Warner reports.

Auto recalls a matter of negotiation

Feb 22, 2010
Recently released documents show Toyota bragging about how much it saved when its floor mat problem was classified as an equipment recall. Some say the beleaguered carmaker is trying to downplay the issue. Alisa Roth reports it's just business as…

Toyoda preps for grilling at Congress

Feb 22, 2010
Toyota President Akio Toyoda heads to a congressional hearing this week to testify on company recalls and other PR issues that have surfaced. Alisa Roth explores the proper way to prepare for the hot seat.