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Is shareholder value a myth?

Jun 14, 2016
Law professor and author Lynn Stout thinks so.
General Motors shareholders listen as then-General Motors Chairman and CEO Richard Wagoner, Jr., not shown, speaks during a meeting.
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The first corporations — way back — had social purpose

Jun 14, 2016
The idea that they are solely businesses developed as late as the 1800s.
Circa 1680, a look at the trading post established by the British East India Company at Surat.
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IBM: when corporations took care of their employees

Jun 13, 2016
IBM had a policy of full employment and went without layoffs for seven decades.
 Louis V. Gerstner became CEO of IBM in 1993. Later that year, the company would lay off thousands of workers. 

Introducing "The Price of Profits"

Jun 13, 2016
We're exploring what happens when profits become a company’s product, in partnership with Business Insider.
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Loyalty frays for both employers and employees

Jun 13, 2016
Companies use contractors to benefit from flexibility, and many workers want it, too
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