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Moody's cuts Egypt's credit rating

Jan 31, 2011
It's another day of protests in Egypt. And Moody's Investors Service cut Egypt's credit rating and revised its outlook to negative, showing concern about how the unrest is costing the government. Scott Tong explains.

Investors watch protests in Egypt

Jan 31, 2011
As the turmoil continues in Egypt, global economies are beginning to feel the effect of the protests. Jeremy Hobson speaks with Jennifer Hughes, senior markets correspondent for the Financial Times, about the events in Egypt and how they affect the global economy.

Egyptian protests concern major U.S. companies

Jan 31, 2011
The protests continue in Egypt today. Steve Chiotakis speaks with John Hamilton, North African specialist at Cross Border Information, about how American companies are reacting to the political unrest.

Egypt's economy cannot sustain its young workforce

Jan 31, 2011
As the protests continue in Egypt, many of the people calling for change are under 30. As unemployment estimates among Egypt's college graduates reaches 30, Scott Tong explains the strained relationship between Egypt's economy and its growing young population.

How much did the Internet matter in Egypt?

Jan 31, 2011
The situation in Egypt is the largest uprising since the internet and social media became a major part of our world. Protesters used Twitter, Facebook, text messages, emails, all sorts of electronic means to co-ordinate their efforts and stay informed of where things stood. But when the government tried to unplug the Internet, the revolution continued.

The economic impact of Egypt's protests and Internet shutdown

Jan 28, 2011
How has the Egyptian government's shutdown of social media, mobile services and the Internet affected protests? Marwan Kraidy, professor at the University of Pennsylvania, talks with Kai Ryssdal about how the protests are hurting Eygpt's business community and how it might affect the nation economically.

Egypt shuts off Internet and cell phone service

Jan 28, 2011
In Egypt today, anti-government protests continue as riots in the streets clash with police. The Egyptian government has shut off the Internet and cell phone service as a means to control the violence. David Butters, head of the Intelligence Unit with the Economist magazine, explains how this will affect global economics.

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Egyptian youths face dismal economic future

Jan 27, 2011
Demonstrations continue in Egypt over President Mubarak's government. One major issue driving the unrest: The lack of jobs.

Facebook finds itself in a revolution

Jan 26, 2011
Egypt is erupting with anti-government protests and there are reports coming out that the government is cracking down on Twitter, making it harder for protesters to organize and stay in touch. Social media is now a huge part of protests around the world. On today's show, we take a look at the role of Facebook in the recent upheaval in Tunisia.