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TGIT! Head to the beach

Mar 13, 2008
Thursday night is the start of the weekend in Dubai, so Kai Ryssdal and the Marketplace crew checked out the scene at Jumeirah Beach Park.

With Harvard, it'll be Healthcare City

Mar 13, 2008
Dubai's Healthcare City is shelling out half a billion dollars to build Harvard Medical School Dubai. Sean Cole grew up hanging around Harvard Square, so we figured he was the guy for this one.

New paper hopes to be read all over

Mar 13, 2008
Abu Dhabi is about to launch an English-language newspaper that it plans to make into the Gulf's paper of record. Kai Ryssdal talked with its Deputy Editor Hassan Fattah, formerly of The New York Times.

Emirates Airlines enjoys more thrust

Mar 13, 2008
On his trip to Dubai, Kai Ryssdal flew on Emirates Airlines, one of the top 10 airlines in the world measured by passengers carried and miles flown. But it's not operated like other airlines. Here's his report.

Could olive oil get peace moving?

Mar 13, 2008
Can economic cooperation with olive growers aid efforts at peaceful co-existence between Palestinians and Israelis? Sam Eaton reports.

A visit to Dubai's falcon hospital

Mar 12, 2008
Falcons hold a special place in the United Arab Emirates, so it's probably no surprise that they have a hospital especially for their care. Kai Ryssdal has more.

Tending to Dubai's Muslim roots

Mar 12, 2008
The United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country, but sometimes it's hard to tell -- especially in Dubai. Which is a surprise for some Muslims who move there. Amy Scott reports.

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A talk with Middle East media mogul

Mar 12, 2008
The Middle East Broadcasting Company runs the Al Arabiya news channel, a competitor to Al Jazeera. It's run by a member of the Saudi royal family, Sheikh Waleed bin Ibrahim. Kai Ryssdal spoke with him at his office in Dubai's Media City.

Can Islam shape sustainable business?

Mar 12, 2008
Islam frowns on wasting natural resources. It's a nod to tribal days when survival depended on it. Today some Middle Eastern businesses are reaching back to those green Islamic roots to get an edge on the global competition. Sam Eaton reports.

Saudi boy meets girl -- via Bluetooth

Mar 12, 2008
Under Islamic law in Saudi Arabia, unrelated men and women can't mix in public. Courtship and marriages are traditionally arranged. But young Saudis are starting to resist -- and technology's helping them bend the rules. Kelly McEvers reports from Riyadh.

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