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$35 billion of jobs bill to go to states

Oct 17, 2011
President Obama is breaking up his $447 American Jobs Act into pieces to help push it through Congress. First up is a $35 billion package to go to states.

North Dakota is desperate to find workers

Oct 12, 2011
There's no economic crisis in North Dakota. Oil in the hundreds of billions of barrels fuels an economy that others states could envy.
An oil derrick works to extract oil from 400 billion barrels North Dakota has in reserves.
Stacey Vanek-Smith / Marketplace

Congress blocks jobs bill

Oct 11, 2011
The Senate has rejected President Obama's jobs bill, but a Plan B is already taking shape.

Gene Sperling: Jobs news good, but not nearly good enough

Oct 7, 2011
For many, today's jobs news is good -- but not good enough. We ask National Economic Council director Gene Sperling what still needs to be done.

Obama's 'all-or-nothing' jobs plan faces opposition from both sides

Sep 16, 2011
Despite heavy pushing this week, it looks unlikely that President Obama's jobs package will be passed as-is. And if it isn't passed, even those who do have jobs will feel it.

Getting caught in a mass layoff

Sep 16, 2011
Mass layoffs are still in force, more than two years after the recession started. The newly unemployed face stiff competition amongst their peers, but also find strength in their numbers.

Obama jobs bill revives jobless benefits debate

Sep 15, 2011
The White House wants to extend unemployment insurance benefits, but critics say that will give the jobless an incentive to stay jobless.

For public good, not for profit.

Reasons for market jumps hard to trace

Aug 24, 2011
Many experts attributed a good day on Wall Street yesterday to an upcoming speech by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. But others say big market swings are harder to explain.

Big hurdles to job creation remain

Aug 19, 2011
Private employers are creating jobs every month. But it's not nearly enough to whittle away at the unemployment rate, which remains above 9 percent

Child poverty up in 38 states

Aug 17, 2011
A new study shows the social costs of impoverished children are growing, with economic consequences like high unemployment extending far into the future