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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: Money will go to L.A. schools

Sep 9, 2011
Obama's jobs package was announced last night. We spoke to the man in charge of the country's second largest city, Los Angeles, about how his constituents can benefit from the plan.

Proposed Obama plan could raise GDP and help avoid recession

Sep 9, 2011
Last night, President Obama proposed a huge new plan to move the economy forward. We speak to Richard DeKaser, who thinks it might be just the ticket to helping our financial woes.

Small businesses should benefit from Obama's jobs plan

Sep 9, 2011
Much of the jobs plan that Obama announced last night seems similar to previous stimulus packages we've already seen. What makes this time different?

Persistently high unemployment has its reasons

Sep 9, 2011
The Brookings Institution finds there are several. Employers just aren't hiring. And companies can't find enough educated workers for jobs they do have.

Perspectives from the unemployed

Sep 8, 2011
A roundtable discussion on President Obama's 'American Jobs Act' with four individuals from Los Angeles currently struggling with unemployment.

President Obama unveils $447 billion jobs package

Sep 8, 2011
Obama pressed the joint session of Congress to "pass this jobs plan right away." The 'American Jobs Act' includes extended and expanded payroll tax cuts and spending on schools and infrastructure.

Republican plans emphasize long-term growth

Sep 8, 2011
Presidential candidates' jobs proposals build for the future. Some say, to the detriment of the now.

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Obama to propose $300 billion jobs package

Sep 8, 2011
That money will go to tax cuts, local government aid, and infrastructure. Which of these tactics give us the biggest bang for the buck?

Podcast Special: The economy, one step at a time

Aug 19, 2011
In the wake of a turbulent month for markets and economies around the world, Kai Ryssdal hosts a special one-hour Marketplace audio broadcast examining where the U.S. economy is headed and how we got here.