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Extended Interview: Where Arab Spring and Occupy Meet

Jan 25, 2012
One year after the Arab Spring began, activists in Cairo and New York discuss how the Middle East protests inspired the Occupy movement, and where they go from here

Podcast Special: Euro Crisis Contagion

Nov 2, 2011
Travel the globe in this special Marketplace broadcast co-produced with the BBC World Service for a look at how Europe's financial troubles are affecting people and businesses worldwide.

Podcast Special: What's working in the job market

Oct 5, 2011
From Los Angeles to North Dakota to Detroit, Americans are finding new ways to get back to work. Join us for this one-hour Marketplace special.

The Breakdown: The Ripple Effects of Unemployment

Sep 17, 2011
More than 14 million Americans are out of work. In this special one-hour Marketplace broadcast, host Kai Ryssdal examines what that means for the economy and how to get Americans back to work.

President's jobs package has a flipside

Sep 13, 2011
Extending payroll tax cuts and other proposals in the jobs package might sound good in the short-term. But there are some long-term implications.

How Obama will pay for jobs plan

Sep 13, 2011
President Obama continues to pitch his jobs plan to Americans and Congress today. The plan would cost $447 billion, but the president says the plan wouldn't raise the deficit by a dime.

Obama jobs plan overlooks related housing crisis

Sep 12, 2011
The jobs plan Obama is trying to push through Congress addresses the huge unemployment problem in the U.S. today. But jobs are intimately tied to housing, and the plan overlooks that ongoing crisis.

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College students fret that few jobs await them

Sep 9, 2011
At Lewis and Clark, students worry about their employment prospects, even if they didn't tune in to President Obama's plan to fix the job market.

Weekly Wrap: An economist roundtable on jobs

Sep 9, 2011
Three economists discuss their ideas and concerns about job creation in this country.

Tax credits play major part in new Obama plan

Sep 9, 2011
A huge part of the new jobs plan Obama announced yesterday depends on tax cuts -- both for individuals and for companies willing to hire. But will it be enough to actually make a dent?