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Piggy Bank Awards: An innovative job search

Oct 7, 2011
This week's winner is a college grad who chose a unique way to put himself in front of employers in a big way.
Shelby Burford's napkin resume
Shelby Burford

Piggy Bank Awards: Danke schon Angela!

Oct 1, 2011
This week's piggy will be going overseas to someone who may have saved a continent from (further) financial disaster.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel smiles after the Lower House of German parliament Bundestag in Berlin passed the Euro fund bill.

Piggy Bank Award: Three cheers for being debt free!

Sep 23, 2011
This week's little blue piggy goes to a listener who just made the final payment on $21,480 worth of credit card debt with the help of his family.

Piggy Bank Award: For a better financial future

Sep 16, 2011
This week's piggy prize goes to someone who wants to make smarter financial decisions.

Piggy Bank Award: Getting rid of debt

Aug 5, 2011
This week's little piggy will be going to a woman who's determined to pay off her mortgage. There's also another sweet reason why she won a piggy, too.

Piggy bank Award: A short and sweet limerick tweet

Jul 30, 2011
This week's piggy bank winner succinctly laid out how the long political debate over the debt ceiling makes him and the markets feel.

Piggy Bank Award: Saving, not spending, extra cash

Jul 15, 2011
A good saver earns this week's Piggy Bank Award.

For public good, not for profit.

Piggy Bank Award: TIAA-CREF success

Jul 8, 2011
Tempted to tap your 401(k) or maybe your TIAA-CREF account? Think again. A Colorado listener had the same temptation -- in 1978. He kept it, and has been laughing to the bank ever since.

Piggy Bank Award: Twitter edition

Jul 1, 2011
Host Tess Vigeland challenged her Twitter followers to reveal their first moments of financial independence, in one 140-character tweet.

Piggy Bank Award: Brand promise

Jun 24, 2011
Host Tess Vigeland announces her weekly Marketplace Money piggy award.

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