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U.S. costs for Libya could rack up fast

Mar 22, 2011
The Pentagon is going to have to ask Congress for emergency funding if U.S. expenses top $1 billion. That could happen in as little as a month. The question is, will Congress go along?

The high price of a military campaign in Libya

Mar 22, 2011
Some members of the Congress are criticizing President Obama for signing off on the military campaign in Libya. Many are concerned over the price tag of the mission, including the crash of the U.S. fighter jet.

Report: Gaddafi uses gold to fund Libyan army

Mar 22, 2011
The Financial Times reports this morning that Muammar Gaddafi could be using over 144 tons of gold in Libya's central bank to fund the country's army, despite U.S. and European sanctions.

Concerns in Europe over Libya intervention costs

Mar 21, 2011
As France and Britain take a lead role in imposing the no-fly zone in Libya, some ask whether they can afford the costs of military intervention.

Coalition jets fire on Libyan military sites

Mar 21, 2011
The U.S. plans to eventually hand off its leading role to its allies. Enforcing the no-fly zone costs the U.S. money and the question is how much and when those costs will taper off.