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We might not see the effects of the Equifax breach for years

Sep 20, 2017
"Next year, I might be affected. Twenty years from now, my kids might be affected. We don't know."
With so many areas of modern life requiring identity verification, online security remains a constant concern.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

Are stock payouts linked to high housing prices?

Sep 19, 2017
Glenn Kelman, CEO of the tech real estate site Redfin, believes reporting stock payouts properly could better distribute wealth.
An open house sign directs prospective buyers to property for sale in Monterey Park, California.

Asteroid mining and the new economics of outer space

Sep 18, 2017
It sounds like science fiction, but companies are putting real work into finding metals floating around on frozen rocks.
Space nerds Molly Wood and Kimberly Adams geek out about asteroid mining on the show. Above, an image mosaic of the asteroid Eros, with sunlight coming from the northeast, taken by the robotic NEAR Shoemaker space probe in 2000. 
Photo Courtesy of NASA/Newsmakers

"Whole professions could wink out of existence," a conversation on the future of work

Sep 15, 2017
As AI changes the nature of employment and professions, how does society adjust?
There is a lot of uncertainty in the future, and the possibility of automation for most professions, said venture capitalist Roy Bahat.

Tech hasn't kept up with food stamp users' needs

Sep 14, 2017
A new app makes it easy for SNAP users to check their balances.
John Moore/Getty Images

The iPhone's influence goes way beyond the smartphone market

Sep 13, 2017
It's forced companies to adapt to the idea of handheld computers and given others a reason to exist.
IPhones make up most of Apple's business. Above, the new iPhone X was unveiled today at the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Can a free market solve the digital divide?

Sep 12, 2017
FCC chairman Ajit Pai believes fewer regulations and more competition will lead to broadband expansion.
Federal Communication Commission Chairman Ajit Pai participates in a discussion at The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research in May in Washington, DC. 
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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Self-driving carmakers haven't perfected a key piece of tech

Sep 11, 2017
Good isn't good enough when it comes to the lasers that allow autonomous vehicles to see.
A picture of Luminar's LIDAR monitor.
Molly Wood / Marketplace

What budget cuts would mean for predicting storms like Irma

Sep 8, 2017
High-resolution satellite images are critical tools for meteorologists, but proposed cuts to the weather service could put them at risk.
Hurricane Irma approaches Anguilla on Sept. 6 in this GOES-16 satellite image.

Following the venture capital money trail

Sep 7, 2017
The investments VCs make impact industries beyond Silicon Valley.
Carl Court/Getty Images