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California budget cuts hit community colleges

Mar 31, 2011
Hundreds of thousands of students will find themselves battling for fewer spots in community colleges. The cutback in classes could ripple through the economy.

Ohio to vote on anti-union law

Mar 30, 2011
The bill is similar to Wisconsin's, but will also weaken the bargaining rights for public sector employees like police and firefighters.

Detroit's stunning population loss means new budget concerns

Mar 23, 2011
The Motor City lost a quarter of its residents last decade. Detroit's mayor is now scrambling to keep federal and state dollars tied to population from disappearing, too.

Don't show me the money, some in Missouri say

Mar 9, 2011
Federal stimulus money would make up for state education cuts, but some legislators want to give it back and deal with the budget cuts now, not later.

Texas colleges face deep cuts and elimination

Mar 9, 2011
Faced with a massive budget shortfall, Texan lawmakers target four rural, community colleges -- sometimes, the only higher education available for hundreds of miles.

Muni bonds could hit an 11-year low

Mar 9, 2011
New data from Thompson Reuters today shows municipal bond issuance is headed for the worst quarter in 11 years. Richard DeKaser, an analyst with the Parthenon Group, explains how increasing rates and the end of the Build America Bonds program have affected the market.

Public safety, jobs a concern for bankrupt California city

Mar 7, 2011
Police and firemen in Vallejo, Calif., were laid off as the city worked its way through bankruptcy. Hear the new plan to fill city coffers.

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Wisconsin budget gap is big, but hardly biggest

Mar 2, 2011
In worst-off states, shortfall equals a third of next budget.

Redevelopment agencies may lose state funding

Mar 1, 2011
The Academy Awards ceremony this weekend in taking place at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood and Highland, a project that was partly funded by a community redevelopment agency. States may no longer have that sort of money to give to future projects.

NYC asks investment banks for revenue ideas

Mar 1, 2011
New York's City Hall is seeking investment banks' advice for how to raise revenue from 50,000 parking meters and other services.
Parking meter
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