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Japan's quake

Who will foot the bill to compensate Fukushima victims?

by Marketplace Staff May 9, 2011
Columbia Law School Professor Curtis Milhaupt discusses whether Tepco, the company that owns the Fukushima plant, will be responsible for paying victims and what impact the nuclear disaster might have on Japan's power policy.
Japan's quake

Japan's down payment on reconstruction spending

by Scott Tong May 3, 2011
Japan's parliament this week approved a $30 billion reconstruction spending package, but the total bill is estimated at $300 billion.
Japan's quake

Japanese still struggling to contain Fukishima damage

by Sarah Gardner Apr 19, 2011
Once Japan shuts down that plant, they will have to contend with rising carbon emissions from switching to fossil fuels.
Japan's quake

In Japan, auto parts boss keeps up production

by Scott Tong Apr 19, 2011
The boss of an auto parts company near the site of last month's earthquake and tsunami will not idle his factory, whatever the challenges.
Japan's quake

In Japan, a displaced auto worker copes and hopes

by Scott Tong Apr 15, 2011
An auto worker from Fukushima, forced from home by radiation leaks, deals with life in a shelter near Tokyo -- and hopes to regain her home and job.
Japan's quake

Restoring Japan through entrepreneurship

by Scott Tong Apr 14, 2011
Japan's economy is struggling to recover from last month's earthquake and tsunami. A Japanese business graduate says entrepreneurship is the answer.
Japan's quake

Scientist says Japan needs nuclear power

by Scott Tong Apr 13, 2011
The radiation leak at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant still dominates the headlines. Even so, one scientist argues nuclear power is Japan's future.

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Japan's quake

Radiation fears haunt Japan's fishing industry

by Scott Tong Apr 12, 2011
A month after the earthquake that caused a leak at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant, fishermen are struggling to overcome fears about fish safety.
Japan's quake

A month after the earthquake, Japan struggles

by Scott Tong Apr 11, 2011
One month after a 9.0 earthquake then a tsunami and nuclear leak hit Japan's Northeast coast, the country is struggling to mend its economy.
Japan's quake

Japan: One month later

by Scott Tong Apr 11, 2011
Today marks the one-month anniversary of the deadly earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. Marketplace's Scott Tong reports from Tokyo on the country's rebuilding effort.

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