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What's holding up a House vote on the fiscal cliff deal?

Jan 1, 2013
After a day of wrangling, the House voted to approve a fiscal cliff deal late Tuesday night. What was the reason behind all the gridlock?

Britain glad, but not surprised, over fiscal cliff's end

Jan 1, 2013
British worry that Americans will just keep printing money, rather than focus on our own austerity measures.

U.S. still awaits a final fiscal cliff deal

Jan 1, 2013
The Senate deal permanently raises income taxes for individuals making more than $400,000 a year. It delays -- for just two months -- most of those automatic spending cuts that were set to kick in. And it includes a number of other provisions to stave off the most pressing aspects of the fiscal cliff.

The IRS in limbo as fiscal cliff debate continues

Jan 1, 2013
The IRS faces a ton of decisions, changes and updates in the fiscal cliff deals. But until there is a deal, the federal agency is as uncertain about the future as everyone else.

Unemployed workers watching, worrying about fiscal cliff

Dec 31, 2012
Richard Crowe, an unemployed former steelworker living in Ohio, talks about what it's been like searching for a job and what he would do when unemployment benefits expire tomorrow.

Pentagon prepares for cuts -- cliff or no cliff

Dec 31, 2012
Defense contractors are already cutting back as the war in Afghanistan winds down.

Would 'earmarks' have helped fiscal cliff talks?

Dec 31, 2012
'Bridges to Nowhere' and other pork-barrel spending used to be the grease for deal-making in Congress.

For public good, not for profit.

Marketplace's Guide to the Fiscal Cliff

Dec 31, 2012
Check out Marketplace’s explainers and decoders of the fiscal cliff. Find out what exactly could happen to your personal budget -- and learn how we got to this point.
The fiscal cliff awaits us. Are you ready for it?
Su-Lin / Creative Commons

Up to the edge of the fiscal cliff

Dec 31, 2012
All eyes on are on Washington as the deadline to the fiscal cliff is just hours away.

How the markets signal Washington

Dec 28, 2012
Come Monday, if there’s no fiscal cliff deal, the best way for people to indicate their unhappiness is the markets.