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Dad, daughter reflect on money lessons

Nov 6, 2009
Curtis Larson and his daughter Erin Anderson look back at the way he let the kids in the family take responsibility for their own money, even if they made mistakes.

Learn about money at home

Nov 6, 2009
David Dominguez, a high school senior, says that while kids shouldn't skip out on the "Life Skills" courses at school, learning about money really should start at home.

Two tragedies, two views on money

Oct 30, 2009
In their new memoir, "The Kids Are All Right," Liz and Diane Welch chronicle how the death of their parents, and the financial mess left behind, led them to have different outlooks on money.

Fostering financial responsibility in L.A.

Oct 30, 2009
For kids who are in and out of foster care, learning about money can be especially difficult. Steve Chiotakis pays a visit to Pathways L.A., a program that teaches foster kids about living on their own.

Parents: Why make money talk taboo?

Oct 30, 2009
Andrea Domanick, a senior at Wesleyan University, talks about the importance of parents teaching their kids about money.

Mom hands daughter lessons on giving

Oct 30, 2009
Nancy Hammond and her 12-year-old daughter Elisabeth talk about what they really need, and how it's important to keep others in mind when thinking about money.

A music studio and a gumball machine

Oct 23, 2009
Jason Priest and his 13-year-old daughter Kennedy talk about how they went into business together, with music and gum.

For public good, not for profit.

One family's recessionary tale

Oct 23, 2009
The Kaser family of suburban Minneapolis has been hit hard by the recession. Both parents have lost their jobs, and they are no longer able to make the mortgage payments. Annie Baxter reports on how the family is coping.

Money: What kids want parents to know

Oct 23, 2009
Personal finance expert Beth Kobliner gave us a top 10 list of things parents wish their kids knew about money. Daughter Becca offers this response: a top 10 list of things kids want parents to know.

A juvenile, delinquent on his payments

Oct 16, 2009
Elizabeth Lord and her 8-year-old son, Xander, talk about their allowance system, which taught him about paying back what he got on credit.