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Fed: Household wealth down about 20%

Mar 25, 2011
According to a survey released by the Federal Reserve today, the average family's household net worth declined around 20 percent between 2007 and 2009.

Banks have repaid 99% of TARP

Mar 17, 2011
According to the Treasury Department, six banks have repaid the funds they received from the government bailout of Wall Street, bringing the total bank repayment under the Troubled Asset Relief Program to 99 percent

Eurozone debt crisis intensifies

Mar 10, 2011
Ratings agency Moody's cut Spain's credit rating today after Greece was downgraded several notches on Monday. Ratings downgrades in Europe could have big consequences in the United States.

Goldman-linked insider trading trial starts this week

Mar 7, 2011
This week, the federal government will head to court for what may be the biggest insider trading case in decades. Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan say many on Wall Street will be watching closely.

SEC considers new alternative to credit ratings

Mar 3, 2011
The Securities and Exchange Commission may propose dropping credit rating agencies for a new method for evaluating their portfolios. Nancy Marshall Genzer explains.

Global leaders discuss an economic 'early warning system'

Feb 21, 2011
Representatives from the G-20 -- the world's 20 largest economies -- met in Paris this weekend to discuss how to measure "global imbalances" in the economy. One goal of the summit was to determine a way to measure those "imbalances" and prevent another financial crisis, as Stephen Beard reports.

Panel report finds flaws in executive pay program

Feb 10, 2011
The Congressional Oversight Panel that oversees the TARP program has released a report on executive bonuses at bailed out financial institutions. Former Democratic Senator Ted Kaufman, who chairs the Congressional Oversight Panel, explains the report's findings.

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Mortgage-backed securities are making a comeback

Feb 3, 2011
Analysts blame mortgage-backed securities for the 2008 financial crisis. So it's surprising that the bonds are making a comeback. Anusha Shrivastava, of Dow Jones Newswires, explains.

Financial crisis panel: Meltdown was avoidable

Jan 27, 2011
But critics say the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission's report lacks concrete recommendations for preventing another crisis.

Financial crisis report a doubtful bestseller

Jan 26, 2011
A 576-page tale of greed, betrayal and near-global doom hits bookstores Thursday. Will anyone "buy" the official report on the financial crisis?