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Working to get the lights back on in Puerto Rico

Crews from New York are among those restoring power in Old San Juan.
Con Edison crews from New York help restore power in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Mark Dye

"No place for you to live": 100 days after Harvey, these Texans still have no homes

Dec 1, 2017
Rockport, Texas' mayor admits he doesn't have any place to put people who want to return home.
A hotel in Rockport, on the southeast Texas coast, is months, if not years, away from operation after Hurricane Harvey.
Andy Uhler/Marketplace

Puerto Rico's post storm economy, in context

Dec 1, 2017
Economist Vicente Feliciano on the past, present and future of the island's economy.
Stores struggle to stay open without power in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Joanne Griffith/Marketplace

Will Puerto Rico's dairy industry survive after Hurricane Maria?

Dec 1, 2017
"If supermarkets don't have power, they won't buy your milk."
An empty field that was once full of cattle in Hatillo, Puerto Rico.
Joanne Griffith/Marketplace

Puerto Rico's solar industry wins big after hurricane

Nov 30, 2017
Why people are banking on solar for the future of Puerto Rico.
Solar panels cover a rooftop in Puerto Rico's San Juan. The island's solar industry is witnessing a boom post Hurricane Maria.
Joanne Griffith/Marketplace