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Meet the freegans

Nov 9, 2007
More than 10 percent of trash is food, but would you be willing to take a bite? Tess Vigeland trolls for the edible gems in the garbage of Manhattan with the freegans.
Freegans reap the harvest on 5th Avenue -- fresh produce, dairy products, eggs and more, all edible.
Tess Vigeland

The fix is in decline

Nov 9, 2007
How did everything suddenly switch from repairable to disposable and what does that mean for your local handyman? Sean Cole visits fix-it shops to get some answers.

Turning trash into cash

Nov 9, 2007
Landfills may be eyesores for residents, but they have money and jobs to offer communities. Amy Scott visits a Pennsylvania town stuck in the middle of the trash trade.

How much longer can we 'overshoot'?

Nov 9, 2007
Our population is consuming about 30% more trees, fish and fossil fuels than the planet can regenerate. How big a hole can we dig before we can't get out of it? Kai Ryssdal talks with Jared Diamond, a geography professor at UCLA.

A well-traveled breakfast

Nov 7, 2007
Steve Henn figures his typical family breakfast journeyed 6,000 miles to his kitchen table. It's a symptom of the ever-growing global food trade, and the fossil fuel cost required to move commodities across the planet is growing with it.