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Student loans overtake credit card debt

Aug 10, 2010
For the first time in the U.S., student loans have overtaken credit card debt. That means Americans owe more to private student lenders and the federal government than they do to their credit card companies. Amy Scott explains why that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Money drives decisions on college

Apr 30, 2010
The clock is ticking for high school seniors to send in deposits to reserve their college spots. Amy Scott reports these days money is a big factor in choosing colleges, especially in this economy.

Students who take on enormous debt

Apr 30, 2010
The College Board's Patricia Steele talks with Steve Chiotakis about students who borrow more than they can handle paying back.

Bonds could help Illinois college fund

Apr 19, 2010
An Illinois financial aid program for low-income college students is running out of money, and thousands of students could be left without a key source of financial aid. So the state agency wants to get investors involved. Amy Scott reports.

Not all college athletes' costs covered

Apr 6, 2010
Even if a college athlete gets a full ride, expenses beyond tuition, meals and housing typically aren't covered. How does the average Division I scholarship athlete deal with $2,700 a year out-of-pocket? Mitchell Hartman reports.

The impact of student loan reform

Apr 2, 2010
Paul Basken of the Chronicle of Higher Education talks with Tess Vigeland about how the new student loan reform bill will affect both current and former college students.

Student loan biz not looking too healthy

Mar 16, 2010
Congress's health care overhaul includes a proposal to let the federal government hand out student loans directly, effectively eliminating the entire student loan industry. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

For public good, not for profit.

Obama could ease student loan burden

Jan 27, 2010
Right now, most college graduates must spend 15 percent of their disposable income paying off their federal student loans monthly for up to 25 years. But one of President Obama's new initiatives could help relieve that burden. Caitlan Carroll explains.

Student loan defaults may hurt schools

Dec 14, 2009
New figures show students who attend for-profit colleges default at much higher rates than those at nonprofit schools. If those default rates get too high, schools can be kicked out of federal loan and grant programs. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Government takeover of student loans?

Dec 4, 2009
If you've received a student loan lately, chances are you have the government to thank. Private lending has been in short supply. Now, Congress is considering eliminating the middleman completely. Bob Moon reports.