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Stop using credit cards, save more for retirement, and other 2020 financial resolutions

Jan 24, 2020
We asked, you answered. Six people share their financial resolutions for the new year.
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Judge rejects "myths" that it's impossible to get rid of student loans in bankruptcy

Jan 15, 2020
Kevin Rosenberg of Beacon, New York got over $220,000 of student loans discharged in bankruptcy.
Kevin Rosenberg, 46, recently got over $220,000 in student loans discharged in bankruptcy in a New York court.
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Did you make a financial resolution this year? Share it with us!

Jan 3, 2020
Marketplace could be your accountability partner this year.
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How the SECURE Act changes saving for retirement

Jan 1, 2020
An economist and a financial planner break down the most important changes in the SECURE Act, which goes into effect Jan. 1.
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How to make financial New Year’s resolutions that stick

Dec 31, 2019
Financial planners give their best advice for setting and achieving realistic goals.
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With holiday tipping, "people worry about doing it right"

Dec 23, 2019
Americans are more likely to tip people they interact with face-to-face than those that work more behind the scenes.
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When you connect diversity to business outcomes, "people pay attention"

Dec 13, 2019
Women and people of color are dramatically underrepresented in the financial services industry, especially among certified financial planners — just 1.5% of CFPs are black, 2% are Hispanic or Latino and 23% are women.
Companies can take steps to close the racial pay gap, starting with collecting the data.

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One idea to pay off student debt: use your retirement account

Dec 5, 2019
Senator Rand Paul wants to allow people to use retirement accounts to pay off student debt, tax- and penalty-free.
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More students from higher-income families taking out student loans

Dec 4, 2019
A new study finds that the percentage of students from middle and higher-income families who take out loans to get a bachelor’s degree has more than doubled in the last 20 years.
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Lots of Americans go into debt over the holidays

Nov 26, 2019
It’s the most financially stressful time of the year.
A man walks past holiday decorations along Fifth Avenue in  New York.
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