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Countries still working toward low-carbon agreement

Dec 10, 2010
As the U.N. climate conference gets ready to wrap up, there's still some sticking points before all 194 countries make an agreement. Scott Tong reports from Cancun, Mexico.

WRAP UP: UN climate change talks in Cancun

Dec 10, 2010
The United Nations climate change talks in Cancun, Mexico, are nearly finished. Did the talks deliver anything? Eve Troeh reports.

Mayan farmers struggle to grow corn

Dec 9, 2010
Within a few decades, corn crops in Tabi, Mexico went from abundant to sparse. Indigenous farmers there feel real change in the climate and want governments to help them cope.

China announces plans to slow growth of its carbon emissions

Dec 7, 2010
At last year's U.N. climate conference, China didn't get the best reputation. But this year, the country seems to be changing things around; today announcing a pledge to slow the growth of its carbon emissions. Will the country stay true to its word? Scott Tong reports.

In Cancun, an American company runs on biofuel

Dec 7, 2010
The climate summit continues down in Cancun Mexico. Scott Tong reports on one American company and what it wants out of Cancun.

Mexico's incentives to become a greener country

Dec 6, 2010
Don't be fooled by the water-hungry golf courses and energy-intensive resorts in Cancun. Mexico has serious reasons to become more environmentally-friendly. Marketplace's Eve Troeh reports.

Insurance companies join the Cancun climate talks

Dec 6, 2010
The UN climate change talks will wrap up this week in Cancun, Mexico. But while countries discuss climate issues, so too does the insurance industry. Scott Tong reports.

For public good, not for profit.

Wealthy countries agree to give poorer countries $100 billion

Dec 3, 2010
The pledge was made to help poorer nations to cope with the effects of climate change. But one fundraising idea -- taxing air travel and shipping -- may be challenging to implement.

A small Australian island to test personal cap and trade program

Dec 3, 2010
Norfolk was once a penal island for Australia, but now it is home to the first experimental personal cap and trade program. Citizens will be allotted carbon points which they will trade for commodities. Professor Gary Egger explains.

What individuals, cities are doing about climate change

Dec 2, 2010
From individuals to cities, people are trying to "green" themselves on their own, instead of waiting for legislation. Marketplace's Adriene Hill reports.