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BP Spill: Ripples

BP spreads blame for spill in report

Sep 8, 2010
BP has released an internal report that says multiple companies and people are to blame for the Gulf of Mexico oil leak. Europe correspondent Stephen Beard talks with Jeremy Hobson about what is in the report and whether the company's…
BP Spill: Ripples

Gulf residents transition to restoration

Sep 6, 2010
Louisiana has cut a deal between BP, federal and local authorities for long-term clean-up of the oil spill. Officials say it's time to move from disaster response to coastal restoration. Eve Troeh reports.
BP Spill: Ripples

Lessons BP learned from the oil spill

Sep 3, 2010
Marketplace's Eve Troeh looks at some of what BP learned, but as one engineer points out, those lessons are just the start.
BP Spill: Ripples

Oil spill fund critics say rules favor BP

Aug 23, 2010
Gulf of Mexico residents impacted by the BP rig explosion will be able to ask for compensation now that the company's $20 billion fund is open. Amy Scott reports some people already say the rules aren't fair.
BP Spill: Ripples

Transocean: BP holding back rig data

Aug 20, 2010
BP insists that it is not hiding any information about the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. But the rig's actual owner, Transocean, claims that BP is holding back data that will help shed light on why the…
BP Spill: Ripples

Trying to quantify the intangible

Aug 19, 2010
It's relatively easy to measure how much a Gulf businessman lost in products and profits due to the BP oil spill -- but how about the tears shed and the stress caused by the spill? Marketplace's Krissy Clark looks into…
BP Spill: Ripples

Gulf businesses waiting for judge's ruling on drilling moratorium

Aug 17, 2010
Gulf businesses took a huge hit by the BP oil spill and also President Obama's oil drilling moratorium. Reporter Kate Archer Kent talks to business owners in Lafayette, La. about how they are doing.

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BP Spill: Ripples

Did the BP oil spill curb your petroleum habit?

Aug 13, 2010
Tess Vigeland talks to Marketplace's Krissy Clark about whether weeks of watching oil gush into the Gulf had any effect on Americans' oil habit.
BP Spill: Ripples

Federal judge to determine legality of deepwater drilling ban

Aug 11, 2010
A federal judge in New Orleans will hear arguments over whether the six-month ban on oil drilling is legal. The moratorium has idled many of BP's Gulf drilling plans.
BP Spill: Ripples

Investing in oil: Socially responsible?

Aug 10, 2010
Since the Gulf oil leak, one of the things playing into how some people invest is the notion of social responsibility. Reporter Adriene Hill talks with Kai Ryssdal about how socially responsible investing has changed since the spill.

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