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Scottish property owners thwart Trump's golf plans

May 27, 2010
Donald Trump's attempts to build a golf club on Scotland's Northeast coast are being thwarted by local property owners.

U.K. making 500-euro note scarce

May 13, 2010
The 500-euro note is a favorite for criminals in Europe, as it makes it easier to transport dirty money. So the U.K. is taking the note out of circulation.

Most expensive World Cup kicks off in a month

May 11, 2010
The World Cup kicks off in a month, and South Africa's built five new stadiums, a new airport and brand new roads. But even a $6 billion budget wasn't enough to ensure the soccer World Cup began on schedule.

Fed, Bank of England help Europe bailout

May 10, 2010
After the E.U. approved Europe's near-$1 trillion bailout, the Federal Reserve and Bank of England also pledged their support.

ECB: Greece will not default

May 6, 2010
There had been speculation the European Central Bank would announce emergency aid plans in case the Greek debt crisis spread. But that hasn't happened.

African economy preps for recovery

May 5, 2010
While the U.S. and European economies are still struggling, many countries in Africa appear to be recovering. Business and political leaders will check in on the situation at the World Economic Forum in Africa.

No colorful cigarette ads in Australia

Apr 29, 2010
New legislation in Australia would forbid tobacco companies from using colorful images and logos to sell cigarettes. The bill would be the boldest crackdown on cigarette advertising worldwide.

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