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Ask A Manager: What should you do if you're overqualified?

Alison Green answers your questions on being overqualified and credit checks.
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What's the best way to find a job? We ask a manager

Sep 15, 2017
Tip: Hand delivering a resume is not OK.
How do you stand out from the crowd when you're applying for a job? Gimmicks don't work, Green says. A solid resume and compelling cover letter do.
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What's the best way to look for a job?

Tip: Typos on your resume won't help.
Job seekers wait in line to meet with a recruiter.
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Ask A Manager: Is it okay to bring my kid to work?

Alison Green of Ask A Manager answers listener questions.
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Are shorts now office-appropriate? Let's ask a manager.

Jul 14, 2017
Alison Green weighs in on flip-flops, office culture and ... biting?
Shorts and flip flops at the same time, but not in an office.
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