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Teen break-ups: No money, no dating

Apr 2, 2010
Young people face an increasing amount of economic pressure when it comes to dating, and for many, no income means no relationship. Summer Sewell from Youth Radio reports.

Wall Street is no longer in my dreams

Feb 26, 2010
Like many other young people, Youth Radio's Lauren Silverman used to swoon at the idea of working in the towers of high finance. But now she's thinking differently.

Youth reflect on Wall Street

Feb 26, 2010
Congress is debating ways to regulate Wall Street. But what about self regulation? In the first of a three-part series, Youth Radio presents this audio postcard from a meeting of the NYU Stern School of Business Ethics Society.

Learn about money at home

Nov 6, 2009
David Dominguez, a high school senior, says that while kids shouldn't skip out on the "Life Skills" courses at school, learning about money really should start at home.

Young and talking money, for the family

Oct 9, 2009
In many immigrant families, kids are the only ones with a strong enough grasp of English to interact with the teller at the bank. They act as translators and family budgeters. Mayra Jimenez shares her story.

'I am obsessed with the markets'

Sep 25, 2009
The recession has a lot of people thinking about the markets, whether to stay in or get out. For commentator Lauren Silverman, things are starting to get a little out of hand.

Older green workers fear trainee wave

Sep 4, 2009
The Labor Department is paying to train people to work in green industries. But some older workers worry the program could put them out of a job. Youth Radio's David Dominguez reports.

Cultural training for nurses

Jun 4, 2008
7 of the 10 fastest-growing jobs are in health care, but as demographics change, doctors and nurses will need new cultural skills to go along with their medical training. Alyssa Wagner has the story.

This trend doesn't come cheap

Jul 13, 2007
The new brand A Bathing Ape is the latest fashion craze for urban teens. Youth Radio's Ayesha Walker loves to shop, but she's not so hot on the high price for a hooded sweatshirt, and the fact that kids wearing them are targeted for theft.

Candidates try to enter a younger space online

May 28, 2007
Many of the presidential hopefuls have created pages on the popular social networking website MySpace. Alana Germany of Youth Radio checked them out.