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Bernanke denies hiding information

Jun 25, 2009
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is on defense, denying claims that he deliberately hid information about Bank of America from other regulators. Tamara Keith reports.

Weighing the costs of health care

Jun 19, 2009
Yet another health care reform proposal is floating around Congress, but the Congressional Budget Office has made it clear that these plans won't be cheap and they may not be enough. Tamara Keith reports.

Putting jobless numbers in perspective

Jun 18, 2009
The Labor Department says the number of people on unemployment insurance rolls fell for the first time since January, which may indicate job losses are slowing. But Tamara Keith reports it's just a sign things are less bad.

Lobbyists prepare for overhaul debate

Jun 18, 2009
Lawmakers and interest groups are readying themselves for a debate of Obama's financial overhaul plan. One item under scrutiny: a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Tamara Keith reports.

Low-income lenders can't meet demand

Jun 17, 2009
CDFIs are like banks that do risky lending to low-income people that other banks won't, and their services are needed now more than ever. The institutions will be getting help from the stimulus soon, but can't lend to everyone. Tamara Keith reports.

It's a recession baby!

Jun 16, 2009
Recessions have a nasty way of messing with people's plans. But for some couples a bad economy is the perfect time for a little addition. Tamara Keith reports.

AMA to dissect public health plan

Jun 15, 2009
President Obama will discuss his ideas for a public health insurance plan at the American Medical Association's annual meeting in Chicago. Tamara Keith explores the AMA's potential ideological and financial concerns.

Housing life preservers not a catch-all

Jun 12, 2009
Government foreclosure prevention programs are aimed at keeping homeowners in their homes. So why do foreclosures continue? Tamara Keith reports.